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Janet Hubert Dogs Jada Pinkett Smith Over Boycott Comments (WATCH)

janet hubert & jada pinkett smith

*Screw the big picture, this is personal!

it seems like most folks are feeling Jada Pinkett Smith as far as boycotting the Oscars.

Well, “most people” doesn’t include Janet Hubert, the original Aunt Viv from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” TV series.

Immediately one would wonder why Hubert would come out against Pinkett Smith. All you have to do is remember that’s Jada is married to none other than Will Smith, who didn’t get nominated for his role in “Concussion” and of course was the star of the “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

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If you know the history of Janet Hubert and Will Smith, you know their relationship is like fire and water; they just don’t like each other. And that’s putting it mildly. In fact, Hubert seems to have made it her life’s mission to hate on Big Will as often as possible. So it comes as no surprise to us that that she’s not down with Jada in spite of the bigger picture of NO BLACKS being nominated for a second year in a row in the four major acting categories.

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According to Hubert, there are other things that the Smiths should be more concerned about such as starvation, poverty, unemployment, etc.

“It just ain’t that deep,” says in a video she posted on Facebook. The bitter sounding actress also adds that she finds it “ironic” that Jada would ask for a boycott when she’s made “made millions and millions of dollars from the very people that you’re talking about boycotting.”

Hubert thinks it’s unfair to ask black actors – in her estimation – to jeopardize their careers to boycott the event.

All we can say is in spite of the big picture, Janet Hubert is making this oh so very personal


To the Smiths!

Posted by Janet Hubert on Monday, January 18, 2016




  1. Yo,..I stood up,.. balled up my fist and was coming at this computer screen when I read what aunt Viv said, she had me ready to come out of these shorts. Sour grapes!!! She ain’t no star. Nobody wants to hire her with that STANK attitude. She mad cause she was fired and missed all the Fresh Prince $$. She was tryin to be Da Man on his show. Go back to teachin yo acting class at the community center!!!…What good aunt VIv?? Whats good!!!, SMDH.

  2. I respect and love both ladies so I won’t throw any shade, I only wish that the boycott would have not been exposed or talked about and that black actors would not show up at the Oscars and that would be the strongest statement ever. That would set the stage for all Chris Rock’s jokes for the night. He would kill it.

  3. I hate to see the “in fighting” going on. I would have liked for no black stars to show up at all at the Oscars, and let that SILENT protest speak out LOUD.

  4. Good, Jada! You ungrateful witch. You and Spike can stay home and watch BET. This stunt ruined your chances at ever being cast in Hollywood again. We’ll give your seat at the Oscars to someone more grateful for their Tinsel Town success. Let’s just hope your embarrassment doesn’t ruin your husband’s career too. Will Smith never got an Emmy for “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” but he always got a fat paycheck. He never cried and today he’s worth $260 Million thanks to Hollywood so STFU. Go stand up for a better cause like feeding hungry kids in Africa instead of your EGO!

    • Hey asshole– Will deserved a nomination!!!!! His role in concussion was Oscar worthy!!!!
      As someone who grew up with Will and Jeff here in Philadelphia, my initial reaction was exactly like Jada’s. Fuck the Oscar’s, I am not watching. And Fuck you too.

      We have a right to feel how ever we want!!!

  5. I agree with Aunt Viv. Jada and her husband have in fact made their fortunes from the same “all white” system that cast him in Independence Day, etc.If he had been nominated for an Oscar, we wouldn’t have heard all this nonsense. She’s just been selfish and hiding behind black folks to do that. She should sit down already!

    • kates1221
      Yes and they have won you lazy itch so go back to wherever racists like you hide.

      What I hate to see is white people start something and we get divided over the issue ie Janet in this situation,Tyrese demanding Chris Rock not host.,that is so stupid.And it says a lot and what is says is not a good look.

      Last thing, Will Smith along with Oprah after President Obama was elected stupidly and loudly proclaimed there was no more racism,so WILLARD wtf now there is racism?

      • It took all that just to answer a simple question? Why all the name calling and profanity? Maybe next time a question is asked, just stay quiet and let someone who can better answer the question in a civilized and less ignorant manner respond.

  6. We as a people should really investigate the truth before becoming an internet hating trolls. Fact # 1, Janet Hubert or the so called “Aunt Viv is irrevalent and full of hate, mainly because of some stuff that went on Fresh Prince of Bel-air which aired god knows how long ago. OK so her and Will got beef. Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and make people wonder if you are ignorant than to open it and prove it as Janet Hubert has done in this case. he is hooping and hollering about people being hungry etc. and how the black actors (Will and Jada in particular) should be doing something about it. I googled “Charities that Will and Jada Smith have given too”
    Well guess what I found, FORBES.COM report that the Smith’s have been rated #20 out of 30 from a list that is put out every year by Forbes for giving back. Through their Will and Jada Smith Foundation which focuses on inner city family welfare. Over $900,000 went to other charities such as the Lupus Foundation, Baltimore school for the arts and the Make a Wish Foundation. Now what has Janet Hubert done but keep drama going and trying to sue Kenya’s crazy ass on RHOA. (I googled that too). What I got out of Jada’s video is that this is her and Will’s craft and the should be recognized and treated like anyone else in their craft. We have more black actors/actresses and tv show/movies than ever before, good ones, not to be recognized. Just like anyone else who works hard in your profession, you want to be recognized and awarded. So you internet trolls who don’t know what you are talking about, keep your mouth shut, don’t prove otherwise. Although DL Hugley did say, how can you boycott something you have not been invited too? I guess it is the principle. For me I love seeing people on screen that look lie me.


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