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Unify, Strong Black Online Video Steaming Service Launches

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Unify, New Online Video Steaming Service Launches; including 75 years of African Americans on TV

*New York- Over the last 10 years, video streaming services like the new Unify, which streams 75 years of black film and TV, have become a dominant force in the entertainment industry.

According to a 2015 report from Nielsen regarding the reach of video streaming, approximately two in five American homes subscribe to a video streaming service.

With the most visible players in the industry (NetFlix, Hulu) primarily catering to general market audiences, a new service will focus on African-American audiences with customized program options on video streaming services. Putting the last 75  years of black programming at their finger tips.

unify, harry belafonte
Harry Belefonte and 75 years of African Americans on tv shows on Unify programming

Launching February 1st, Unify is the only premium online video streaming service providing TV and film entertainment geared towards the African-American audience. With TV shows and movies spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s and original documentaries, sitcoms and dramas, Unify provides audiences with a variety of programming.

For a subscription fee of $5.99 a month, viewers can choose from hundreds of TV shows and movies to watch such as In Living Color, New York Undercover, The Flip Wilson Show and The Best Man to name a few.

“African Americans have made significant contributions to the world of entertainment for nearly three-quarters of a century, and with the launch of Unify, viewers can watch all of these trailblazing moments in one place,” says Dr. Donahue Tuitt, CEO and Founder of Unify. “No longer do people have to wait for their favorite TV show and movie to come on TV or become available on other video subscription services.

unify, bill cosby, i spy
Bill Cosby in ‘I Spy’

Now they can watch their favorite African-American programs anytime they choose.”

Customers can pre-subscribe for Unify now and in preparation for the service’s official launch, those who sign up for a one-year subscription (RV: $70.00) before February 1st will receive an additional three months free.

The burgeoning company is working closely with prominent African-American owned businesses and corporate executives who are supporting the new service.

unify me, unify african american programming, richard pryor
Richard Pryor available on Unify

With initial financial backing from New Jersey-based and black-owned bank, City National Bank, Unify has board members from major entertainment and technology entities such as Samsung, FOX and Warner Brothers who are helping to  lead the strategy in this growing company.

“While Hollywood has really only began to dabble in embracing diversity on a more consistent basis when it comes to TV shows and movies, UNIFY will provide immediate access to programming as it relates to the African-American experience,”

…says Derrin Woodhouse, the online streaming advisory board member and head of Experiential Marketing for Samsung.

“As more original programming becomes readily available, audiences will no longer have to wait for mainstream video streaming services, TV networks or motion picture studios to give the greenlight to the next “big” AA TV show or movie. Unify will be the go to destination.”

unify me tv, unify black programming
Diahann Carroll

UNIFY’s first original series is a 24 episode docu-series celebrating the 75 year journey of Blacks on television. With the first four episodes now available on UNIFYME.TV,The Legacy: Celebrating 75 years of Blacks on Television docu-series looks at how Black images on television have had an impact on the Black community and America as a whole.
For additional information and to pre-subscribe, please visit www.UNIFYme.tv

Unify, online streaming service features 75 years of Blacks on TV

UNIFY Blacks on Television & Film from UNIFYmetv on Vimeo.



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