Saturday, August 13, 2022

Air Force Officials Apologize for MLK Day ‘Fun Shoot’ Fliers

MLK "Fun Shoot"
MLK “Fun Shoot”

*Military officials in Georgia have pulled fliers using Martin Luther King’s image to promote a “fun shoot” at an Air Force Base to be held on the civil right icon’s holiday.

According to AJC, the flyer advertised a noon gathering on Jan. 18 for the Robins Air Force Base Trap and Skeet Club. An official at the military base’s Outdoor Recreation office said it was created by a marketing team.

“We didn’t make the flyer,” said Leroy Minus, the official. “We squared it away. We got rid of the picture.”

The base, in a statement, called it an “honest mistake.”

Read in its entirety below:

We’re deeply sorry for any offense or harm caused by our insensitivity and failure to provide appropriate oversight of our marketing process. The flyer does not represent the values, opinions or views of the Department of Defense, the Air Force or Robins Air Force Base leadership and its employees.

We realized the inappropriateness of the advertisement several days ago and immediately began removing the flyer. There was no malice of forethought in the flyer’s creation and it was never the base’s intention to portray Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in a negative light. It was an honest mistake, to which we’ve personally counseled the parties involved and will provide them with remedial training and appropriate oversight to prevent this sort of inattention from occurring in the future.

Again, we offer our heartfelt apology to those affected by our thoughtlessness. We hold the legacy of Dr. King in the highest regard.



  1. My grandson is in the 5th grade at Hickory Flat Charter Elementary School in McDonough, Georgia. About three months ago, his school engaged the students and their parents in a Power Point “Word Association” assignment. The selected students, who just happened to be “gifted students,” were given about 25 vocabulary words. The words were turned into a pictograph. The students had to look at the picture and determine which of his vocabulary words the pictograph represented. For instance, the first pictograph opened to a small baby lying in his crib with big eyes, sparkling over a toy mobile that his tiny hand had finally managed to grasp. The definition for the pictograph was “fascinate.”

    Another pictograph showed a man who had gained a lot of weight. The picture showed a before and after image of the man. The man was the murderer, George Zimmerman. The definition for the pictograph was “substantial.”

    From the time those 5th graders laid eyes on George Zimmerman via the pictograph, until the rest of their adult lives, they will have a “word association” image of the White murderer of an innocent Black youth ingrained inside their developing brains as ‘SUBSTANTIAL!.”

    Believe me—it is a powerful association message! After I was exposed to the assignment, now, whenever I read or hear SUBSTANTIAL, I automatically think about George Zimmerman! Zimmerman—a murderer = Substantial! This is horrible! This is inhumane! Yet,…treatment like this… is to be expected all over this Western Hemisphere.

    Just like Robins AFB apologized for its horrific flyer, my grandson’s school apologized for their oversight. THEY DID NOT MEAN IT! Their apologies are in vain and are equated to the evil man whom God forgave seventy and sevenfold times. Then came God to relieve the enslaved of his agony by reversing the hands of captivity and enslaving the ruling masters and oppressors. I say unto you, America, “The Lord’s wroth is RIGHT NOW upon you. We will accept no more vain oblations. Our collective prayer is going to be that God come quickly to enslave you just as you have enslaved His redeemed, for these past seventy and sevenfold years.”

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