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Oscar Boycott!! Sharpton’s NAN is Behind the Call for Action

oscar statues (outside)

*The National Action Network a leading national civil rights organization founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton and a coalition of civil rights groups are calling for a boycott of this yearsOscars ceremonies.”

The boycott is in response to the lack of African-Americans and women excluded and not nominated in the major categories of Oscar awards.

“The lack of African Americans and women excluded from the major categories of Oscar nominees is appalling. Cheryl Boone Isaacs the African-American president of the academy is nothing but a pawn and the black face of Hollywood’s system and culture that is racist, sexist and lacks true diversity. Its important we boycott this year’s Oscars and tune it out,” stated National Action Network: L.A. chapter Political director Najee Ali.

“The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences made many promises last year to promote diversity in its film awards. It kept none of them. The proof is that despite a number of name, qualified black performers in major films, not one was nominated for an Academy award,” says Tulloss, and Hutchinson, “There’s only one thing that Hollywood understands and that’s dollars and ratings. We will launch a nationwide “TV Tune Out” of the Oscars ceremony, February 28. This will send the message that diversity in the film industry must be more than a hollow promise.”

Press Conference Info

Date:  Today,  Thursday, January 15 2016

Time: 4:00 PM

Location : National Action Network
2828 West Jefferson Blvd
Los, Angeles, CA.90018

Sponsors: National Action Network :L.A.chapter CEO Pastor K.W.Tulloss ; National Action Network (L. A. chapter) Political Director Najee Ali;  Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable CEO Dr. Earl Ofati Hutchinson





Najee Ali




    • ,Al Sharpton and Najee Ali both have ,to be diplomatic, sketchy personal lives

      Don’t believe me google them,we have to do better as far as them imo representing us,speaking for us.

      I know it’s a job no one wants but neither of them will ever be thought of as the glorious REAL leaders we have had in the past.
      People who would NEVER sell us out or embarrass us, committing petty stupid crimes!

      We have bigger fish to fry, performers are used to rejection,it’s part of the job description

      I have never looked at the Oscar’s.Emmy’s etc because you barely see any other color but White,for the my whole life it has been that way.And it hasn’t effected me in one way.I have better things to do with my time than paying to see them on the big screen or tv.

      And some of these Black performers will take any demeaning role, or in there personal life show their true colors against their own people,I will not support them.

      • more or less I called both Sharpton and Ali out for their shady ways,if you want to be a leader and represent us you have to be beyond reproach,sorry,you can’t be arrested for petty crimes and or shaking down people for money

        As far as the Oscar,Emmy’s etc I have never watched it,there is no race but one generally on these shows and it has been this way my whole life,so I don’t support them by paying to see them in the movies or investing my time watching them on tv,got better things to do with my moments before I die.

        And some of our people take the most ignorant roles,or show their true colors in their personal life so I am not checking for them either

  1. It’s easy. Oscar TV advertising dollars and movie ticket sales matter. Send a clear message: (1) Don’t watch the show, especially through cable TV and online because the viewer numbers show-up instantly. (2) Inspire and enlighten Chris Rock to take a REAL stand by refusing to host the Oscars — the message will be clearer. (3) Greatly and constantly overload Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs with emails and texts to prove she has genuine integrity — rather than being just another Black Hollywood pawn or window dressing. (4) No doubt, especially in Hollywood, it’s all about the dollars and new demographics of color. ESPECIALLY the billions of dollars of color. (5) Create an alternative film awards ceremony.

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