Friday, November 26, 2021

Brandy Serenades Birthday Diners / Taraji’s ‘Baby Boy’ Audition Surfaces

brandy, taraji p. henson*Brandy surprised diners celebrating a birthday at Cipriani Downtown when she serenaded them during lunch, Page Six reports. The singer/actress was dining with Beauty Blender’s Rea Ann Silva when she noticed the birthday party.

“She didn’t know them. The waiters were going over with dessert to sing, and she joined in for the heck of it,” said a spy. “She belted out ‘Happy Birthday to You’ and took selfies with the entire table. It felt completely random, but they were super grateful and excited.”

Brandy’s new BET scripted series “Zoe Ever After” premiered Jan. 9, and she has previously called the project, which she co-produces, her “baby.”

The sitcom follows Brandy as newly single mom, Zoe Moon, who is “trying to be a good parent and start her life over as the head of a makeup company after she divorces her more famous husband, boxer Gemini Moon (Dorian Missick),” per Variety.

Brandy said that casting primarily black actors for the show was more about the “spiritual connection,” and not necessarily about jumping on board Hollywood’s diversity trend.

“I think for us, it was just about who fit the role and what the chemistry was like. It was more about the spiritual connection than anything else,” she told Variety. “Everybody felt like themselves in their roles … We are the people who are supposed to play the roles. It’s about the connection to the work and the chemistry between us all.”

Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson’s “Baby Boy” audition tape has surfaced, and her dedication to the craft shines in the clip, proving why she’s had a now 25-year strong career in Hollywood.

The newly minted Golden Globe winner starred in the 2001 cult classic, and the tape shows Henson and her love interest, Jody (Tyrese), running lines from the film. Check it out below:


Ny MaGee
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