Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Wendy Williams, Alyssa Milano Spar Over Breastfeeding (Watch)

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*Things got awkward during Alyssa Milano’s visit to “Wendy Williams” this week when the topic turned to breastfeeding in public.

It all started when Williams noted that the actress stirred up controversy over breastfeeding photos she posted on Instagram.

“I was surprised by the reaction and I was surprised that I then was then put in this position of being a breastfeeding advocate — which I love, and I take that job with a lot of responsibility,” Milano, a mom of two, explained. “But it was kind of shocking that [people] were so opinionated about something that’s supposed to be so incredibly natural.”

Williams then expressed her opinion.

“I don’t need to see that — I just don’t want to,” Williams said. “I would go to the car [to breastfeed], not on the bench in the front of the big-box store.”

Milano countered that society has since sexualized breasts, citing widespread photos of Miley Cyrus sporting suspenders over her bosom from last year’s Video Music Awards as an example.

“So for you, maybe you’ve sexualized breasts, where [Cyrus’ outfit from last year’s VMAs] is OK,” Milano pressed Williams.

Williams, 51, agreed, also admitting that she wasn’t sure where her stance had come from.

“Yes, they’re more sexual than a feeding thing,” Williams continued. “I don’t know why I feel this way. I just feel like … I’m a mom also, breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of the life your breasts are sexual things.”



  1. Yep. “Baby bottle” usually doesn’t come to mind when you see bazooms. I can think of a whole slew of things people do that are “natural”, that no one wants to see done in public. As far as plopping out a tittie in public, lots of people don’t mind looking, but not for reasons women want to hear. If only they could hear from men AND some women, what I hear when the subject is even mentioned, this conversation would not even be happening.

  2. I agree with Wendy, “I don’t want or need to see that. Go to the car.” Some are just ridiculous. They act like breastfeeding just started happening and they have to show everyone that they are doing it. Give me a freaking break.


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