Tuesday, September 27, 2022

BET Creator Bob Johnson Engaged to 36-Year-Old Girlfriend

Bob Johnson and his fiancee Lauren Wooden
Bob Johnson and his fiancee Lauren Wooden

*BET founder Bob Johnson has put a ring on his girlfriend of five years, 36-year-old Lauren Wooden, in Paris.

According to the Washington Post, the proposal involved “7.5 carats (nestled on a giant ice sculpture in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, natch), a shower of rose petals and a bottle of Dom Perignon, following a private after-hours tour and dinner at the Musee Rodin.” Also, the question was popped in front of the sculptor’s romantic “The Kiss.”

Wooden is a student pursuing an international business-management doctorate in Paris.

Per WaPo:

The over-the-top proposal was a bit better orchestrated than the first time Johnson, 69, asked her to marry him — on their first date, five years ago. The mogul recalls first clapping his eyes on Wooden, who was then a concierge at the Los Angeles Four Seasons. Love at first sight? “For me absolutely,” he says. But Wooden was more cautious. She said yes to dinner but turned down his proposal that night.

So for his second attempt, Johnson knew he needed a bit more of a ‘wow’ factor and enlisted his pal, Franco Nuschese, the owner of Cafe Milano. “I told Franco, ‘I’ve got to have something memorable — a restaurant won’t do.’”

It will be a second marriage for both. Details about the wedding, which they hope will be sometime this summer, aren’t set, they say. But they’re certain about their feelings for one another.

“I’ve found the absolute, unequivocally right person for me,” Johnson says. “Happiness only begins to describe how I feel.”

Ditto for the bride-to-be: “I’m over-the-moon, madly, deeply, proudly in love with Bob.”



  1. Congrats! At least she is educated and has or will/have her own money and work ethic. Depending on the circumstance, age ain’t not her but a number. Cheers!

  2. Yo..Bob Johnson, thats a good look for him. He got a single brother??? I need to work at a hotel too. LOL….y’all know I’m crazy FAM!!!! SMDH

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