Sunday, October 17, 2021

Kanye’s New ‘Facts’ Include Shots at Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey and Nike (LISTEN)

kanye west*Kanye West may be wrapped up in the fashion world lately, but he’s letting folks know that he’s back on his day job with his new song “Facts.”

The track, which Yeezy released on New Year’s Eve, finds the rhymesayer mentioning current newsmakers like Bill Cosby and Steve Harvey as he references the embattled TV icon’s legal troubles and Harvey’s infamous mistake while hosting the Miss Universe pageant.

“Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby / Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?” West rhymes.

In addition to Cosby and Harvey, West went in on Nike, as he took aim at the shoe giant on his new song. Back in the day, the rapper served as a Nike brand ambassador before their business alliance ended in 2014.

“Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves / Gave LeBron a billi’ not to run away,” West said about his former partner in shoe fashion.

West is currently aligned with Nike’s rival Adidas, which has collaborated with the rapper on his popular Yeezy line of shoes.

Not one to let a moment slide by without giving praise to his wife Kim Kardashian, West managed to tout the reality star’s recently released “Kimoji” app, saying, “Plus Kimoji just shut down the app store, uh! / And we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute,” he said.

With name dropping Cosby, Harvey and Nike, “Facts” has attracted much attention for West, who’s still working on his much-anticipated follow up to his 2013 album, “Yeezus,” “SWISH.”

Among those catching a listen to the song was Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan, who quoted West’s refrain that “Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman” as voiced his reaction to the Nike diss on Saturday (Jan. 2) with the following tweets:

To hear West’s new song “Facts,” click on the audio below:



  1. Kanye is such a hypocrite. Yes we all know Bill exploited these women but yeezy does the same thing by allowing his wife to pose naked in public. Also, should he really be taking shots at people knowing that his wife built her and her family’s empire on getting jizzed on for the cameras by not only ray just but from every man she sexed.


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