Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A Frustrated Future Calls Ciara ‘B*tch’ in Series of Tweets


Geez! So what the heck is Future‘s problem?

Did he get a look at the viral video of Russell Wilson showing off his singing chops and got another case of jealousness over the Seattle Quarterback who’s now squiring his baby mama, Ciara?

We wondering because seemingly out of nowhere he went cray-cray on social media blasting Ciara she’s a “bitch” with control problems and she’s preventing him from seeing their 1-year-old son.

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Dude let loose in a series of tweets (see below). In one of them, he admitted that just to see his kid, who’s also named Future, he has to go through lawyers. That’s on top of the $15k he pays in child support, according to TMZ.

The rapper says he’s been silent for a year and half but that’s all going to change because he’s run out of patience and just wants his kid.

future (bitch) tweets




  1. Future is such an idiot!! Even if Ciara is controlling, calling her names on social media is not going to change anything. For someone who has moved on, he sure keeps their business in the media. Glad she chooses to focus on herself, her son and the positive in her life and not get caught up in this negative nonsense.

  2. If he got a “CHILD SUPPORT” order…. then he should have ALSO taken care of the “CHILD VISITATION” orders too.

    Different court action… but so what he has LAWYERS! They should know this!

    Future does this to get people talking! Ugh!

  3. Remind me what she ever saw in him? Ugh! He’s less than talented, uncouth and a host of other things. Why she got tangled up with someone with so many kids with different mothers is beyond me.

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