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Black Egypt’s Ancient History Secrets Exposed During Ancient History Hunters Art and Speaker Exhibit Tour!

ings of Kush Art Exhibit Graphic

*If you’re on a quest for knowledge of Black History, Diane Blackmon more than likely has what you’re looking for.

As an ancient global history expert/researcher, Blackmon explores secrets of the Black Pharaohs, Egypt’s 25th Dynasty, Kings of Kush, Ancient America Scared Cave Antiquity Rock Art, legendary, Queen Califia and the California Blacks among other lost treasures and history facts through the Black University Radio Network’s Ancient History Hunters Art and Speaker Exhibit Tour kicking off in January, 2016.

The Ancient History Hunter’s graphic art exhibit, is an exciting in-depth speaker presentation, Q&A, along with never before seen ancient graphic arts slide show from Kush, Nubia and Egypt an educational and entertaining experience for “inquiring minds.”

An unique higher educational exploration, designed for Black Student Unions, colleges, libraries, museums, community and youth organizations throughout California, with plans to expand nationwide.

Partial proceeds benefit the Black University Radio Network Intern and Scholarship programs.

For further information or booking, email: [email protected] or [email protected].

 Diane Blackmon Bailey
Diane Blackmon Bailey

ABOUT Diane Blackmon Bailey: Entertainment Media Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Engineer, Producer, Researcher, Historian, National Publication Columnist, Philanthropist.

Diane has spent the last twelve years researching and documenting Ancient Black global history that has been lost, suppressed, eliminated and ignored. Diane was California’s first female radio broadcast engineer and the founder of Gospel Insider national radio show, Hollywood Gospel Insider Music Awards, 2ND Screen Global Con, Vallejo Black Empowerment Think Tank ( VBETT ) and the Black University Radio Network (50+ HBCU college campuses) celebrating its 21st anniversary.

Executive Education Studies: UCLA, Dartmouth, Tuck School of Business and Harvard University.

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