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Cam Newton Confirms Fiancée Kia Had Baby

cam newton & kia
Cam & Kia

*Earlier we reported that NFLer Cam Newton and his girlfriend may have had recently had a baby. Now we can confirm that they did. On Wednesday, he issued a brief statement of confirmation via Twitter.

Our Earlier Report Stated …

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton and his fiancée, Kia, have had a baby, if rumors are to believed.

According to Sports World News, Kia, who reportedly used to be a stripper who went by the name Hazel, had a baby shower a couple of months ago and the news of the couple expecting a baby has been circulating for a while.

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Adding to the speculation was Newton’s actions on Sunday (12-27-15). After scoring an 8-yard rushing touchdown, he then celebrated by miming rocking a baby to sleep. The unorthodox celebration led to many to think Kia, gave birth to the couple’s first baby.


For his part, Newton downplayed the celebration after the fact despite the speculation it fueled.

Whether or not Newton’s first child was born, something in his personal life could have been a distraction on Sunday. Something just wasn’t right. Newton threw for 142 yards, but didn’t have any touchdown passes in the game and was sacked twice. He also had seven carries for 46 yards and the touchdown, but overall something was wrong with Carolina in Week 16. They lost to the Atlanta Falcons 20-13.

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Newton knew that the 14-1 team blew a chance at history and didn’t play well at all.

“We got our ass kicked today, and to a lot of degree, we deserved it, especially the type of way we played,” he said, per “Offensively, defensively and special teams. And I’m talking with the mirror in front of my face. There were some plays that we left out there, we knew it.”

Whether or not Newton’s off-the-field relationship played a factor in what happened Sunday is anyone’s guess, but the Panthers will hope to right the ship now that their bid for history is over.




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