Friday, July 1, 2022

Deborah Cox Dishes about New Single and Whitney Biopic

deborah cox

*Deborah Cox is making her grand return to music with a new album, “Work of Art.” She opened up to The Huffington Post about her music — including her dance single, “Kinda Miss You.”

“I wanted something that was going to kind of speak in the mode of where I’m at right now. I like to say it’s a soulful song that you can still dance to, and it’s a not-so-sad love song,” she said.

She added, “It’s got the spirit of everything that I want to say right now … just over the years I’ve been continuing to explore different types of music.”

She continued with, “I also want to let people know that I have not abandoned the ballads. I’m still a girl who loves to sing a well-song. I also want to do music that my little kiddies can get into.”

Cox dished about the success of last year’s “I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story,” the Lifetime Whitney Houston biopic, and the challenges of re-recording and capturing the pop icon’s voice.

“It was really a moment for me to pay homage and honor to her,” she said. “What I had to focus on was making sure I expressed the essence of her in her live performances. And all the scenes had to be cohesive with Angela’s vision. Her music had to fit that.”

She added, “I was just blown away by the response and the positive feedback. I’m just humbled by all of it. And just the audience that night who watched all the programs on Lifetime.”





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