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Kenya Moore Blasts ‘RHOA’ Castmembers for Defending Herself


*Tensions between Kenya Moore and her fellow castmembers on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” continue to overshadow any hope of peace as Moore called out those who claim she instigated an incident involving Tammy Browning McCall’s nephew, Glen Rice Jr.

The drama in question came during Sunday’s ‘RHOA’ episode, which found McCall inviting Glen and his friend to party with the ladies during a boat trip to Miami. As the trip progressed, Glen became hostile towards Moore after she literally snapped her fingers at him to get his attention.

Glen’s aggression continued as he ended up being aggressive at the house with a pregnant Kandi Burruss and Kim Fields. Upon walking over to say hello to the ladies, Fields and Burris were not as friendly as Glen thought. The cold shoulder ultimately rubbed Glen the wrong way as he was seen on camera telling his friend that Burruss and Fields were “hos” and that he wouldn’t take any disrespect from them, according to Rolling Out.

Upon learning of Glen’s disrespect to Burruss, Moore asked McCall to remove Glen from the house. When she explained to Glen and his friend why they were leaving, Glen argued with Moore. Security and McCall came in as things turned violent with Glen suddenly pushing McCall down in an effort to lunge at Moore.

Although McCall was taken to a hospital, she didn’t sustain any major injuries. As if more drama couldn’t surface, things continued to remain shaky once Fields, Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Williams accused Moore of instigating the incident. Despite this, Burruss thanked Moore for showing Glen the door.

Explaining what took place, Moore took to her blog post on to address her reason for kicking Glen out of the house and the scrutiny she faced from her castmates.

“Glen made me and Kandi uncomfortable on several occasions. He came in with a chip on his shoulder, calling us ‘b—–s and h-s.’ This was difficult to witness,” Moore explained. “I clearly saw a pattern of disrespectful behavior. We were all drinking and having fun on the boat, but his first response to me snapping my fingers at him was aggressive and uncalled for. I laughed it off, but I noted it. He was then aggressive with Kandi, who is obviously pregnant. He threatened to show out ‘any b—–s or h-s try him or disrespect him,’ and when politely asked to leave by Tammy, he charged at me calling me a “little b—h” and pushed his own aunt down to the ground.”

Moore went on to touch on a conversation Whitfield and Parks had saying that Moore’s criticisms and her conflict with Glen Rice Jr. were similar to racial stigmas black men face regarding racism and radical profiling by police.

“I’m astounded by Phaedra’s blatant attempt to manipulate the fans and incite anger against me. She stated that my reaction to Glen was the same as that of a ‘white women in suburbia’ to an innocent Black boy walking down the street,” Moore wrote.

“This had nothing to do with a ‘white women in suburbia’ as Phaedra stated. Some men, like Glen, behave in a way that is unacceptable in society. We can feel a need to protect our men from unwarranted police brutality as in the Black Lives Matter campaign, but this is clearly not the same.”

In addition to Parks, Moore went in on Fields as she scolded her for not supporting her efforts to protect herself and all the women in the house.

“Further, if a man is acting in a threatening and aggressive manner thereby making women feel uncomfortable, we cannot ask them to leave? According to Kim Fields if we do, we are ‘hitting a hornet’s nest’ and ‘provoking’ a man. Shame on them! I do not have to accept a man’s abuse — physical or verbal, black or white. Glen was abusive, period. I deserve to feel safe in my environment. I deserve protection. I deserve respect. This incident is not about a racial divide. I am a woman first,” Moore stated while pointing out a double standard that she believes exists.

“These women are so resentful of my presence that they will always choose the side that is against me. Would any of these hypocritical mothers allow their sons to talk to women that way? Would that be acceptable to them for their sons to act the way Glen did? We saw Phaedra threaten to call the police on Apollo, but according to them I was wrong to ask Glen to leave.

“Regarding Phaedra, she has made it her mission on every episode thus far to call me a villain; making fun of my former skin condition, my dark brown skin tone, and now my preemptive actions made to protect not only her, but all of the women present,” she continued. “It’s evident that Kim Fields, Phaedra, Sheree, and Porsha were all wrong about Glen. Yet, they were all ready to nail me to a stake until Kandi stated she agreed with me. Funny how that works isn’t it?”



  1. Own up to your mess. If you don’t want to be disrespected, don’t disrespect anyone. Snapping your fingers at someone and calling them ‘young blood’ is never cool. That set the tone for the evening. If someone was making you uncomfortable, why invite him to where you are staying? Lastly, when someone is on ’10’, keep your mouth shut. De-escalate the situation by closing your mouth. You don’t have to let everyone know you are in charge at all times…

  2. Yaaaasss my dear sweet crazy Kenya keeps it turned up. I see how she gets down n better understand her introducing Sheree. I’m happy Kandi n Kenya noticed that crazy guy right away. Kandi has been fun n frank telling it like it is. I’m liking the new her n she looks so darn cute pregnant. Todds daughter is also so sweet. Nice season and I don’t have to look at weird people. Nice crew. Phapha was doing OK but I don’t like how she joined Kim against Kenya when Kenya n Shemia has brought the fun drama. Even Cynthia has been cool to watch this season. My poor girl Sheree needs to bring a story. She seems relaxed like me, just a kind person until bothered, but it doesn’t make good TV.

  3. This isn’t about hating on Kenya.
    This isn’t about throwing shade.
    Howevery, it is about TRUTH.

    This entire incident could have been avoided, if Tammy hadn’t invited Glen on the trip. And if whomever didnt approved Glenn’s invite.

    Why were men invited to an all ladies trip?

    Kandi’s husband was not invited.
    Kim’s husband wasn’t invited.
    Tammy invited Glen and his friend.
    PORSHA picked up a complete male stranger.

    The whole trip was strange to me. A setup that went horribly wrong. Thankful that Tammy was not seriously hurt.

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