Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Inside Story of Steve Harvey’s Massive Miss Universe Deal & Gaffe

steve harvey (miss universe)

*As we’ve already reported, despite his embarrassing boo-boo at the end of Sunday’s Miss Universe competition on Sunday, Steve Harvey has been asked to return to host.

In fact, we’re now learning that Harvey, 58, signed a multi-year contract to host Miss Universe just days before the pageant aired Sunday, according to Entertainment Tonight, and that his paycheck is “more than they’ve ever paid before for a host.”

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The entertainment news program cites a source that says the deal is for at least three years, possibly even as many as six or seven.

The source goes on to reveal that contract negotiations came down to the wire and that while Harvey had already been announced as this year’s host before the contract was finalized, the production didn’t start booking his travel until just a few days before the show.

It’s all history now, but if you somehow haven’t heard or seen it, during Sunday’s broadcast, Harvey mistakenly named Miss Colombia as the new Miss Universe, when the title was supposed to go Miss Philippines. Harvey awkwardly apologized and explained the error on live TV while the crown was removed from Miss Colombia’s head and placed on a shocked and confused Miss Philippines.

According to the source, Harvey “was mortified” by his mistake, which was apparently a “real ego-crusher” for the veteran TV personality.

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However, WME/IMG — the media agency that purchased the Miss Universe Organization from Donald Trump earlier this year — “really loves” Harvey, the source explains. In light of the attention Harvey’s blunder has brought to the pageant, they likely have no qualms about bringing him back.

According to Harvey, who is also repped by WME, the mix-up came about because he didn’t rehearse who would be Miss Universe, as the winner had not yet been decided.

Multiple sources tell ET that Harvey didn’t attend Friday’s rehearsal and wasn’t present for the entire rehearsal on Saturday, however other sources close to the pageant tells us Harvey was at every rehearsal he was required to be at.





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