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A Funny Bill Bellamy Reveals Why Omarion Got Grammy Snub (LISTEN)


*Omarion’s Grammy nomination snub for his hit song “Posed To Be” may have upset the singer, but Bill Bellamy has his own theory on why he was denied.

The funnyman revealed his thoughts on the situation during an interview with radio host Alysse Stewart on Fayetteville, North Carolina’s Magic 106.9. Apparently, the song’s infamous “eating groceries” lyric had more of an impact that Bellamy thought as he revealed how he almost ran off the road after his daughter asked him about it.

In addition to Omarion’s Grammy snub, Bellamy reminisced about an unexpected school visit by his mom as well upcoming projects for 2016 that include another comedy special as well as featured roles in movies such as “Kindergarten Cop” and Shemar Moore‘s “The Bounce Back.”

To hear Bellamy’s interview with Stewart, click the player below:

As Bellamy weighs in on Omarion, comedian Dwight Ross paints a different picture of last Sunday’s Miss Universe pageant with imagining what would’ve happened if host Steve Harvey accidentally announced Miss Jamaica as the winner of the pageant this weekend instead of Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez.

dwight-ross-facebook_400x295_63“Your mistake is my beef steak” Ross stated while using Jamaican patois in his impression of Miss Jamaica. “Come take it off a mi. If you think u bad, come take it off a mi!”

Ross’ spoof comes just days after mistake heard and seen around the world. At the end of the pageant, Harvey mistakenly crowned Gutiérrez Miss Universe instead of the true winner, Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Gutiérrez was actually the event’s first runner-up.

To see Ross’ hilarious impression of Miss Jamaica’s reaction to accidentally being crowned Miss Universe, check out the video below:

If Miss Colombia was Miss Jamaica Universe ghetto girl.If Miss Colombia was Miss Jamaica Universe ghetto girl.

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