Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Texas Grand Jury won’t Bring Charges Against Sandra Bland’s Jailers


*You can forget about anybody at the Waller County, Texas jail being indicted for the death of Sandra Bland.

That’s because on Monday, a grand jury has refused to issue indictments in the jailhouse death of Bland in July of this year. Bland died this summer while in a Waller County Jail cell, and sparked a national outrage when the coroner ruled her death a suicide.

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Dashcam footage viewed around the world showed that Bland, 28, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop by Trooper Brian Encinia three days before being found dead in her cell. Reports indicate that Bland was pulled over for switching lanes without activating her turning signal.

During a news conference Monday, a family attorney and relatives in Chicago, where Bland was originally from, railed against the grand jury proceedings, saying they had “no confidence” in what they described as a “tool of the prosecution.”

“I simply can’t have faith in a system that’s not inclusive of my family,” said Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal.

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The family’s lawyer, Cannon Lambert, added, “We feel like this whole effort to convene a grand jury was done for political reasons. They know that most people don’t know what goes on in a grand jury. When they do release the findings, they release evidence they deem [relevant].”

Even though the grand jury won’t issue indictments against any jailhouse employees for the death of Bland, that same grand jury is set to reconvene in January to determine if Brian Encinia, the white trooper who arrested Bland, should face charges.




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