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Monica Fighting to Save Lives/R&B Music with ‘Code Red’

Monica, Shannon Brown
Monica & Shannon Brown

*Do you remember when R&B songstress Monica hung up on Wendy Williams many years back when Wendy was still the most controversial radio personality? Wendy asked her about being a ride-or-die chick in real life, while promoting the opposite image to her fans.  Monica didn’t like that, so she quickly ended the call.

Click here to relive that classic moment.

It seems time truly heals all wound and hurt feelings because the ladies sat down for a pleasant chat on Williams’ show where Monica promoted her new album, “Code Red.”

While we’re not feeling the Kool-Aid red hair extensions she rocked for her appearance, Monica said the look is part of her effort to save the sad state of modern R&B music.

“I’m just fighting for the restoration of R&B,” she told Wendy. “It’s not as respected and loved as it used to be. That’s why I named [the album] Code Red; dyed my hair red. I took the whole movement seriously, because this music really saved my life and I think that it will for a lot of other people. They need some balance.”

Monica was the musical guest on “The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week,” and she performed a medley of her hit songs including “Don’t Take it Personal” and “Just Right For Me” off “Code Red,” which is in stores now.

In discussing the tragic state of her music genre, Monica told Wendy she would prefer to go on tour with singers such as Fantasia Barrino and Jazmine Sullivan.

“There are so many of us that really believe in SINGING, singing,” Mo said, implying that many of today’s artists can’t sing and rely on tricks, stunts and backing vocals provided by more accomplished singers.

Monica, who is married to professional basketball player Shannon Brown, explained that her hubby is still recovering from an injury, and when Wendy asked if he’s currently working, Mrs. Brown was quick to defend her man and steer the conversation clear from any shade Wendy was attempting to sprinkle on her marriage.

“I wouldn’t come here if I was getting divorced,” Monica clapped back when Wendy asked if she was still married. She then explained that Shannon is a free agent now, and deciding on his next career move.

“Actually he is deciding where he wants to go,” Monica said. “He’s a free agent so he’s in the best position because he can make the decision and not just get thrown somewhere.”

Peep the clips of Monica’s appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” below:

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