Sunday, September 25, 2022

Report: Cassie Breaks Up with Diddy Over Another Woman

cassie & diddy

*Here’s some Saturday gossip for ya.

According to Cassie (Cassie Ventura), after 7 years, she and Diddy are no longer an item. She made the announcement via Instagram on Friday.

Cassie posted and quickly deleted a photo of a baby smiling while sleeping with the caption, “How I sleep knowing that I’m single and nobody cheating on me,” according to

OK, this is seemingly out of the blue, although some folks thought it should have happened long before now. Well, according gossip blog, Cassie was the one who called things off with Diddy after finding out about his involvement with another woman!

Here’s a rundown of what a source told the site a few weeks ago:

Cassie broke up with Diddy the Sunday after his Revolt Music Conference in Miami because while he was there — he had another woman with him! Not only that, but the same woman was with him the weekend prior in Atlanta for the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Her name is Gina Huynh and she’s been around for a while. Last year, Diddy took Gina and her friends to the All-Star game in New Orleans. Word reportedly got back to one of Cassie’s homegirls and sh*t hit the fan, but they were able to move past it.

Anyway, after Cassie found out that the two rekindled back in October she shut things down with Diddy and skipped away to South Africa to film ‘Honey 3.’ Since she’s been out of the country, she’s refused to take his calls, answer his texts, and she even went as far as to block her management so that they wouldn’t contact her on his behalf!

If you were wondering where those thousands of roses came from that appeared on Cassie’s Snapchat — they were from Diddy trying to reach out.

However, Cassie’s tired of his sh*t and this Gina girl really is the last straw. There’s also been some chatter about Diddy getting to close to his VP Ericka Pittman.

Anyone can see that the two have been rocky. She was absent from ALL of Diddy’s birthday festivities and the one acknowledgement of his birthday she gave was a friendly Instagram shout-out that’s since been deleted.

After having said all that, the bottom line is that neither have commented on the reports of their demise as a couple … so far. In any event, we wish them the best.



  1. I knew it was coming. After all, she did give him the kitty with no promise of a ring. What did she expect? That sorry a** love and financial contract he put out was just a distraction to string her along. This is what happens when two people don’t value each other to make a real committment.

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