Friday, May 20, 2022

‘RHOA’ Ratings Slide With 700K Dip in Viewers For Latest Episode

rhoa-season-8 cast*The days of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” standing firm in the ratings are becoming less frequent as viewers find other things to occupy their time.

LaLate reports that last Sunday’s episode of “RHOA,” which was promoted as “Boat Gate,” was down from its 2014 ratings share average of 3.5 as it delivered a 2.8 ratings share. Translated, that amounts to a loss of 700,000 viewers.

The “RHOA” episode that aired before its latest one didn’t do any better with its 2.617 ratings share. While some attribute the dip in ratings for that episode to viewers being pre-occupied with the recent American Music Awards telecast, it doesn’t explain what happened with last Sunday’s ratings decline for a telecast that was heavily billed as “one of the most epic” episodes ever from “RHOA.”

Examining the reason behind the ratings slide, LaLate notes the reality show has lost its “groove” as it referenced the 2.9 ratings share “RHOA” had in its season premiere, which sank to sank to 2.6 and now sits back at 2.8.

“It shows a clear averaging of show ratings around the 2.8-2.9 ratings share,” the site stated. “Viewers this time around aren’t stupid. They know the ratings are sinking. But so far, there is no collective agreement among viewers WHY the ratings are slowing.”

LaLate goes on to attribute the ratings slippage to “RHOA” losing its “beat.”

“Once perceived by viewers as the funniest of housewives shows, with hilarious testimonial jabs and comedic shade send-offs, this season the show is striving for depiction of fights, and anticipation of fights,” LaLate explained. “The franchise has delivered not one but two “to be continued” cliffhangers centered around fights, first at Cynthia Bailey’s party and now at Kenya Moore’s boat party.”

Overall, the negativity seems to be a turnoff for viewers as “BravoTV shows deliver higher ratings when the women are able to let loose and have fun, and sink in ratings when there is a revolving door of hatred. In short, viewers rather see cast members being hilarious in their shade and debauchery then getting kicked in the gut,” according to LaLate, which brought up high ratings in early 2015 for“Real Housewives of Orange County’s” focus on a “hilarious comedic cast trip in which debauchery allowed the women to be themselves, and allow viewers to laugh at them.”

So what say you? What’s driving the low ratings for “RHOA”? Is it because of the fighting vibe of show, the departure of NeNe Leakes or something else entirely?

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  1. Bravo must understand that ATL Housewives are trashy and not fun anymore. None of the women right now have the right personality for entertainment. Fake Fake Fake

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