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Raven-Symone’s Review of The Wiz Live!: ‘I Miss Michael’

Raven Symone on "The View' - Dec. 4, 2015 (ABC)
Raven Symone on “The View’ – Dec. 4, 2015 (ABC)

*NBC’s ‘The Wiz Live!” was hot topic #1 on “The View’ this morning, and co-host Raven-Symone weighed in with her thoughts, which apparently have not moved past the 1978 film version and 1975 Broadway production.

“I have such a high bar and standard for ‘The Wiz,’ being that it was Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and Stephanie Mills, that when I went into it I was like, ‘Let’s Go!’ And then I…you know…I just, I miss Michael. I miss Diana.”

“I just miss the people that originated those [roles].”

“It’s a hard act to follow,” she eventually conceded, saying of NBC’s production, “I loved the costumes. I thought the singing on certain new songs and old songs were great, but on an overall, I just wanna say I miss the original people.”

Raven-Symone has spoken. She gave viewers her opinion, and Twitter promptly responded with theirs:

Some folks started in on Raven Symone during Thursday’s broadcast, anticipating her reaction.



  1. It’s “her opinion”, who cares, freedom of speech here folks. Some things I liked others not so much, but thank God we can still express our opinions. Can we move on now???

  2. Well Raven Symone I’ll say this for you you might not get a lot of people to agree with you frame of mind and your freedom of speech but you still have a away of turning the tension on your self it’s been that way since you were four years old kudos! To you still got that star power.

  3. Dear Ignorant Raven,

    Michael and Diana were not in the BROADWAY PRODUCTION OF THE WIZ. That’s the MOVIE. You’re an uneducated, over exposed, dreadful excuse for a person. Please go away and try, try to research before putting your leg in your mouth.

  4. I am sorry to read such attacks on Raven because of her view. Raven, I agree with you in that I miss Michael and Diana’s performances very much, which I dearly loved in The Wiz and own the video. I am confident you understand the difference between a movie and a live theatre production. I certainly do! You still have a right to miss the original performance as I thought much about it, too, when I watched the live stage performance!!!! Keep your head!!!

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