Friday, September 30, 2022

Inspired By a Lack of Ethnic-Looking Dolls , This Dad Creates a Now-Thriving Ethnic Doll Line


*“I can remember one time she literally came home in tears. She went to all these stores and she couldn’t find dolls that really represented our little girls,” Trent Daniels, a businessman from Houston, Texas revealed as he talked about what inspired him to create a line of ethnic-looking dollbabies for his girls and yours.

Daniels was further shocked when he did his own research. He noticed the stores had hundreds of different white dolls; but when it came to ethnic dolls, there was only a scattering and the quality was poor.

This dad found that so unacceptable he decided to do something about it. In 2011 he created “The One World Doll Project” line – an assemblage of high quality dolls of diverse ethnic persuasions such as African American, African native, Asian (and south Asian), and Hispanic. And to further demonstrate the differences within the races, he made sure his dolls reflected real-life variations.

Read more and watch NewsOne host Roland Martin speak with the creators of The One World Doll Project at EURThisNthat.




  1. This is great!!! Do they make boy dolls? I have all boys (who are biracial). My 4 year old loves his baby boy doll, who looks biracial…my mom had to scour the internet for months last year to find it.

    • Hey Jen, thanks for reaching out and weighing in. Click on the highlighted link of Our World to reach the toy-maker. They have a “contact us” form where you can ask your question. I am sure it is something they would seriously consider. And what a wonderful addition it would make. I thought about the same thing while writing the story. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Happy holidaze (my own brand of spelling). 🙂

    • Hey I said it. I hear your point and agree for the most part. But as I mentioned to Jen, I too, thought of the boy doll toys (along with your point) and said the same thing to myself. But I went a step further and recalled the old soldier dolls like GI Joe and such. And it was this that I realized I was “really” thinking about. As opposed to the more effeminate aspect. Thanks so much for taking the time to weigh in, brother.

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