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‘Empire’s’ Adam Rodriguez on How Love for Cookie Leads to Betrayal

Adam,Taraji - Empire

*“Empire” guest star Adam Rodriguez chatted with The Wrap about his shocking role on the hit FOX drama, in which the actor of both the small and big screen reveals that his character’s budding relationship with Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is helping to change his tough guy persona into good.

While viewers have been eager to see how the relationship between Adam’s Laz Delgado character and Cookie develop, many were left stunned to learn he is a member of the very gang that is extorting her and kidnapped her son Hakeem.

“His relationship with Cookie starts out as one thing and then becomes something else,” Rodriguez said. “He finds himself changing in the process because of the thing that changes everybody, and that’s love.”

As one reviewer notes about last week’s episode, “Adam Rodriguez meets with the Cau Caus. They’re ready to shake down Cookie and Co. for more money. Adam is not having it, pulls a gun on his boys, and orders them to back off because he’s in lurve.”

Adam rose to fame on series like “CSI: Miami” and his big screen credits include films: “Magic Mike” and its 2015 sequel. This week’s “Empire” will see Cookie learn the truth about his gang affiliation.

“You can expect to find out whether or not Laz started trying to fix the situation soon enough,” he said.

Rodriquez also dished about vibing with his “Empire” co-workers, and how despite the show’s massive success, its star remain grounded.

“They’re still enjoying the work that they’re doing,” he said. “I think what can happen on shows sometimes when they have the success that ‘Empire’ is having is you start to micromanage. You start to over-examine every minute detail to the point that you start taking away from whatever that magic was in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Da Brat will be making an appearance on the upcoming season 2 fall finale, and she described her experience working with Taraji as “everything!”. Fans will see the rapper play an inmate Cookie knows from her past bid on Wednesday’s episode (Dec. 2).

“Oh my God. Taraji is everything!,” Da Brat gushed to Billboard. “She is just the epitome of an amazing actress. Her lines! I don’t know how she does it. Those scripts are so thick and she has to memorize the whole thing. She was easy to feed off of and play off of. She made it fun. When she got into character, it was so real. She was really like Cookie and not Taraji. It was crazy. I learned how to be spontaneous from her and ad-lib and do different things. Some of the things that we ad-libbed they liked, because she ad-libs a lot and they trust her judgment. I just had a great time feeding off her, saying my lines.”

“Empire” wrapped up it’s Fall season last night (12-02-15). It returns in March, 2016.


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