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Trump Stands By Claim that ‘Most’ Black Pastors Endorse Him

rump (black pastors after meeting1)

*He may not have overwhelming support, but Donald Trump insists that he has received endorsements from “most” of the 100 black pastors he met with on Monday.

According to reports, the private gathering went on as planned at Trump Tower as the Republican presidential frontrunner voiced his thoughts on what went down.

“I thought it was an amazing meeting. I met some fantastic people,” Trump told the press following the two and a half hour meeting.

Among those standing with Trump are former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, who is now a minister, as well as pastor Darrell Scott of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Echoing Trump’s praise for the meeting, Scott mentioned that it was a “productive” and “constructive” gathering and the group of religious leaders is a “united front.”

“We voiced concerns sensitive to the African-American community,” Scott said. “We’re all satisfied with the answers.”

Although he couldn’t provide an official count, Scott did say that there were a number of pastors who endorsed Trump. As for the undecided ministers, Trump stated that they are “praying about it.”

“Nobody at this meeting came out with negative reaction in any kind of way,” Scott said, adding that “Everybody in the room likes Donald Trump.”

Monday’s meeting may have come as a surprise for folks, in light of Trump cancelling a planned press conference where it would’ve included him highlighting endorsements from 100 black religious leaders. The cancellation resulted after several of the pastors issued denials that they were endorsing Trump for president.

trump (black pastors after meeting)

Monday, after the meeting, Trump mentioned African-American unemployment as one of the issues addressed during the meeting and ended the conference emphasizing that he has made no financial commitments to any of the churches the pastors represented.

Trump’s meeting with the religious leaders marks the latest development in his continuing campaign. Since launching his bid to become president, Trump has generated headlines and taken criticism for what many deem as anti-Muslim comments and views as well as questions about an altercation between a Black Lives Matter protester and white attendees at a recent rally.

Regarding Black Lives Matter, Trump dismissed the movement, saying, “Black lives are very important, white lives are very important, and to me all lives are very important.”

trump (black pastors after meeting2)

The following are highlights from Trump’s mini press conference on Monday via Gawker:

On addressing charges of racism:
“I’ll think we’ll be addressing them over the coming months and even over the coming years.”

On meeting with the pastors despite rumors that it had been canceled:
“We actually didn’t think we were going to be having a press conference. But it was such a good meeting, we thought we would do that, and we had many, many endorsements coming out of the meeting.”

On how many black pastors endorsed him today:
“Some committed. The rest are praying about it.”

On Black Lives Matter:
“I don’t want to discuss that. To me, black lives are very important. White lives are very important. All lives are very important.”

On why the meeting with the black pastors ran long:
“It went longer because of the love. It didn’t go longer for other reasons. There were unbelievable solutions to problems that we will solve that other people won’t be able to solve.”

To see Trump’s interview after the meeting check out the video below:




  1. Yes all of the Pastors who really Worshop the Devil attended that meeting including the Pastor from Harlem who talked about my President. So what really took place is the DEVILS MET TO DISCUSS EXACTLY HOW THEY COULD SCREW UP THE WORLD SOME MORE . None of these Pastors represent the Black Community nor are they RESPECTED CUZ ALOT OF THESE PASTORS ALSO WANT FAME AND APPEARED ON THAT TV SHOW ABOUT PASTORS WHERE ONE OF THE DEVILS CARRIED A GUN WHEN HE GOES INTO CERTAIN NEIGHBORHOODS AND THINKS ITS OK. The people should all get together and have Donald Trump and these Pastors IMPRISONED FOR BEING NO DAMN GOOD

  2. Totally agree with Jules. These so-called ‘pastors’ are delusional if they think that Trump will be the GOP nominee. Trump is a insane, blowhard bigot looking for more face time to promote himself than any real issues that are concern the country. Trump is just a joke!

  3. I believe that Trump has Tourette’s Syndrome. Why? Because he continually outbursts with nonsense. Sorry if that offends anyone…other than Trump.

  4. I am a firm believer in Donald Trump, and so are millions of voters?

    Donald Trump will need some firm guidance, in many of the troubles that have not been resolved in our nation? Although there is a war of words from both political parties he makes more sense than the majority of the candidates for president. Trump does have a sharp tongue, but he says what he means and means what he says, as that quote goes? He is honest and sincere, but tends to jump the gun from what he either reads/sees on the Internet, the mainstream newspapers and all the other media as facts? You will never get the truth from the alphabet TV channels as ABC, CBS and wide spectrum of pro-Hillary, THEY WILL OUTRIGHT LIE TO GET THEIR POINT ACROSS. Liberal slanted media who is far from being trustworthy; she has brazenly lied about her current computer server, which is pursued by an FBI investigation, Her deception goes all the way back from her time and the involvement in the Whitewater storm.

    The Clinton Foundation was receiving huge donations from foreign nations, and so then what were their expectations in return? As former Secretary of State she had a moral obligation to stay clear as unbiased in her appointment. Then again much of the press doesn’t tell the whole truth anyway? They copy and paste only what their dense ideology demands, with the truth silently hidden. The shame is that elder Americans, the less educated and others of limited mean trust in what they say? One thing stands out to the general population, Trumps love of America, and the pinnacle issue of what to do about the illegal alien invasion. Currently interdiction has been fading at the Southern border and our interior because of the enforcement manipulation by this administration.

    King Obama on the other hand has pushed real hard at seemingly dividing the people and although our nation is not perfect when relating to race, religion or most other controversial issues as transgender, abortion, gun control, yet our magnificent country still flow smoothly, compare to most of the rest of the world. The Congress should have seen through his preferential treatment for foreign nationals, and then considering his other executive orders that should have opened the doors to his impeachment. To me it seems there has been collusion between the two parties in keeping the flow of foreigners still coming here?

    Politicians are just the puppets of mega corporations and thousands of businesses, with no restraints. Jeb Bush, will claim they will stop the flow of illegal immigrants, but nothing will materialize as always. It will be just like the Sanctuary City ‘Kates Law’ killing of Katherine Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco. We are still waiting for the law to pass, that will end these illegal ordinances in 340 communities–small and large throughout our country.

    You have to ask yourself why the sudden angry eruptions of black America on the streets. Yes! There are always bad cops at the bottom of the barrel, and although the wheels of justice are slow eventually those who have committed heinous acts against the person will get their just desserts. But I also recognize there is an undercurrent that runs below the surface and that is poverty, no jobs and unable to put food on the table. With a noticeable 92 million people without a job, underemployed or in condition that pays low wages, and then this must be amalgamated with civic unrest. This doesn’t just apply to African Americans, but Hispanic, Latino, Caucasian and any racial profile.

    Its time we really awaken to the facts, because this government is stealthily undermining the will of the people. Illegal immigration all boils down to pandering to the massive influx of illegal aliens by both parties. For the Leftists it’s a huge voting block, even though it’s illegal, a felony and for the GOP establishment cheap workers for their crony business connections. It can be a big pay off, as the suspicious rise for H1.B visas. The a sampling being the Disney Corporation of dumping its high tech staff for H1 B legal visa holders, and then Disney demanding that they must train them?

    How many foreigners in this country it depends who you ask; a huge number with no true figures to identify how many millions are actually here and stealing jobs from the average working American or even a lawful residents. The proverbial magnet of course is business owners searching for cheap labor. It’s a conundrum that has been going on for decades, since the original Ronald Reagan amnesty. Today it’s at critical mass as the people are sick and tired of paying out their tax dollars to folks who should not be on our soil.

    Even worse is this government’s give-away system of Food stamps, and a whole list of welfare, specifically for foreign pregnant women who drop a newborn baby and then collect the proceeds from taxpayers. Once upon at time–their were state and federal records of the costs, but most of this information is kept under wraps, especially New Mexico that stays under the radar for how many illegal aliens have settled there?

    My black ex marine friend who lives in the house opposite mine, I visited on Thanksgiving Day, said that his relatives were hurting over loss of a pay check. During the conversation he said that friends of his were dropped from good jobs as the employees had hired people in the building trade for people that couldn’t even speak English. The foreman was overruled by the employer and hired what he believes was cheap labor in the laying a sewers in Kern County. They drove miles to and from their destination every day and then were told they were not needed anymore?

    Trump will be a benefit for every working American and folks who paid their due to get a working visa and all those thousands who ready to immigrate legally.

    There is no direct punishment for hiring illegal aliens, but Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz will implement enforcement. No more playing by the rules of the huge companies who have their puppets in Congress, which intentionally design each new bill with enough loopholes to drive an elephant through. Beginning with the Secure Fence Act of 2006 approved by George Bush, that vanished from site by the hand of Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s (you have to wonder how much cold cash, she got paid to stop the 700 mile double layer fencing in its tracks) Oh! I do believe 36 miles were built as of today?

    First will come the giant wall built by Trump, complete with all the technology. Then from that beginning a reversal of E-Verify amended to become MANDATORY tool? This will be nationwide vetting system that nobody can slip through? If you are authorized to work in the United States then you will be identified as such. I imagine that when the severe punishments are observed by business owners and the indictments come down. Heavy fines and even jail will be imposed for hiring prohibited labor, which would be expected to pack up their belongings and begin to leave of their own accord. What else can they do–with no job–and with no real expense to us.

    With Donald Trump the wall he has pledged, will not be a ‘will of the wisp?’ It will happen and as his says and Mexico will pay for it. Stringent Free Trade agreements will be renegotiated by his presidency, so as with Japan, China, India, and others? Fortunately, all treaties will be renegotiated the weak treaties torn up? Did the old trade delegates get a sizable check from these foreign governments, to whisk their goods into America and the American people having nothing to show for it? Yes! Cheap goods, but we are always the losers, which Trump will change, including better deals and not just coin going into the pockets of the politicians or the extreme wealthy. Jobs will come back as Trump is a practiced contract negotiator, and by placing tariffs on foreign countries that are not playing by the rules.

    Incidentally, that $5 million from CNN debate is being donated to Veterans, which most in the media intently ignored?

    • Posting a dissertation about an aging, racist lunatic such as Trump, is not going to change the fact that he is NOT going to win the GOP nomination. He is 360 degree of pure idiocy who adds nothing to the discussion about social and political issues. He is the latest example of ‘dumbed down’ politics that pander to the lowest common denominator. The mere fact that this so-called ‘billionaire’ wants to be president is the equivalent of former NY Mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Businessmen who are more interested in protecting elite interests than providing solid ideas on how turn around the wage and job decline that has affected the working poor and middle class. It is these same billionaires that caused our economy to collapse during George Bush’s reign.

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