Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Teen Killed By Black Man, Authorities Refuse to Press Charges (Watch)

Martinez Payne

*This must be another example of what Black Lives DON’T Matter looks like. A St. Louis, Missouri man, black, shot a male teen, also black, who he saw stealing from his parked, unlocked car in the 5900 block of Riverview Boulevard.

When the police got there they found 13-year-old Martinez Smith-Payne lying bleeding and unconscious in a back alley. Payne died in the hospital a short time later. They arrested the man – who is only identified as a 60-year-old black man – and took him into custody.

But in an interesting response to the shooting, he was released after prosecutors  “refused” a police request to press second-degree murder charges, according to a statement.

“Investigation revealed the victim, along with two other juveniles, was attempting to steal items from an unlocked parked vehicle when the suspect confronted them, then fired shots at the juveniles,” St Louis police said in a statement.

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