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Movie Watch: Big Weekend for Creed, The Good Dinosaur, Victor Frankenstein

(L-R) Raymond Ochoa(Arlo) and Jeffrey Wright (Poppa) in 'The Good Dinosaur.'
(L-R) Raymond Ochoa (Arlo) and Jeffrey Wright (Poppa) in ‘The Good Dinosaur.’

It’s the holiday weekend and three films, in particular, are vying for the Box Office title. “Creed” is getting all the hype; with “The Good Dinosaur” being the family favorite, and “Victor Frankenstein” is shaking up the apple cart with its modern day twists [See]

Going in, “Creed” has an advantage over its opponents in that Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has a built in audience. Couple that with the young blood, black stallion Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) and it’s a win, win situation. So it does not matter if the story is a predictable one with the brooding student seeking to find himself “the” reluctant trainer,  and hooking up the typical—the audience howled when reference was made to her looks—hard to get lover (Tessa Thompson).

Pugilist lovers will get their fill of punch drunk battles, which begs the question that Rocky asks Creed, “why leave a great job in Los Angeles (where he was just promoted) and pursue a career that, if it doesn’t kill you, could leave you brain dead?” As expected, the film ends on an up note and expect to seen “Creed 2” coming down the pipe next year.

(L-R) John McAvoy (Victor Frankenstein) and Daniel Radcliffe (Igor) in Frankenstein's lab.
(L-R) James McAvoy (Victor Frankenstein) and Daniel Radcliffe (Igor) in Frankenstein’s lab.

The Good Dinosaur” is just that; it’s about “good” dinosaurs that till the land. This Pixar film has amazing animation and a great message for children—and adults. Youngest son Arlo (Raymond Ochoa) gets his best advice from Poppa (Jeffrey Wright), who tells him to face his fears and he will make his mark on the world. That he does when  separated from all whom he loves.

After falling into a river and swept away,  Arlo finds he must rely on the one feral-like boy, Spot (Jack Bright), he once set out to kill. The message of, don’t “judge a book by its cover,” also rings out loud and clear when Arlo and Spot become inseparable friends. A definite family friendly, crowd pleaser, “The Good Dinosaur” continues to expand the fascination and love of Mesozoic age movies.

Victor Frankenstein,” that stars James McAvoy (Victor Frankenstein) and Daniel Radcliffe (Igor), is a modern-day take on Mary Shelley’s legendary and infamous monster, Frankenstein. In this updated version, Victor Frankenstein brings life to the living and the dead. He rescues hunched back Igor from a circus, eliminates the hump, and makes him wear a back brace.

Soon, Ignor is not only a changed man physically but mentally. To Frankenstein’s advantage, it is discovered Igor is a brainiac and an expert draftsman. Although many times at odds with Frankenstein, Igor proves to be a trusted and valuable servant, who assists him in scientific experiments.

With twists and turns, a balance of the dramatic and the comedic, romance, and a deep rooted friendship, “Victor Frankenstein” proves to be a full-filled, entertaining escape into a world of exciting probabilities.

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