Saturday, May 28, 2022

Patti LaBelle Invites James Wright Chanel to Thanksgiving Dinner; Admits Video Increased Sales

Patti LaBelle
Patti LaBelle

*Patti LaBelle is now admitting that James Wright Chanel’s “fierce video” sent sales of her pies through the roof, and says the viral sensation will be spending Thanksgiving at her Philadelphia home.

“You give love to people who give you love,” Patti told FOX 29 Philadelphia’s Quincy Harris Tuesday morning. “And you know, I didn’t expect a viral video.”

The singer said she will be cooking for Chanel, as well as guest Questlove, who has a history of complaining that she doesn’t invite him over for her cooking.

On the menu for Thursday: Four fried turkeys, three big briskets, macaroni with lobster and shrimp, a plain macaroni and cheese for those with shellfish allergies, potato salad, 20 bunches of kale, four heads of cabbage, a green salad with arugula and cilantro, candied yams, peach cobbler, chocolate cake, leg of lamb, ribs, and of course her famous sweet potato pies.

Patti also confirmed that is returning to Fox’s “Empire.”

Watch the interview below:



  1. Nice of Ms Labelle. Now let’s see if someone from the companies of BMW , Mercedes Benz , lexus , Cadilac , Tommy Hilfiger , Timberland , Coach , Nautica , Versace, Apple , Cristal Champagne , Moet champagne , Ciroc , Hennessey , Greg Goose Vodka , and many more who benefited from the unsolicited advertising of their products by black entertainers , mainly the rappers , will be inviting anyone of them to a family dinner.

  2. Dear Patti LaBelle I always been a long time fan of your I just wanted you to know that I know about your Patti LaBelle famous pie I tried to get two of your pie I have cancer and I hope that one day before I die I will get to see smell and eat your pie I wished I was invited to your house for thanksgiving dinner. Your fan Mrs. Anna Gertrude Wyche my address is 850 Columbus ave Apt 8d new York NY 10025

  3. This is awesome. The menu if off the chain. I would absolutely enjoy having dinner with Ms. Patti and finding out more about her in an intimate setting such as her home. My children are not in town this year except one son who will be eating with his friends. Ms. Patti, do you have room for one additional guest? 🙂

  4. before I ever seen the video of the guy singing about the patty pies I was in Walmart and reduced to eating soft food when I seen too sweet potato pies which are my favorite in the whole world they just so happen to be made by Patti LaBelle I have been eating pies for months now good pies is just good pie no one has to sing a song about it when its good its just good

  5. What happened to doing things from the heart? Hidden agendas!!! Why do this man that sang Patti’s song (Hidden Agenda) feel she should give him special treatment or own him something? SMH!!!

    • He never said that she should do anything for him; she made the mistake of poppin’ off at the mouth & saying that SHE is the reason those pies sold out, & social media went HAM on her behind. He was ecstatic with her thank you…she should have left it at that & kept her mouth shut. This here is nothing more than PR clean-up.

  6. Patti… I am a long time fan! This was the RIGHT thing to do!

    Free Commercials / Advertising… is the BEST KIND!!!

    You were losing fans over your previous comments… JUST SAYIN!

  7. James didn’t ask her for anything Benson she called him amongst other celebrities that called him. She likes his talent.

  8. How is it possible LaBelle, who is diabetic. Stand behind her product of pies that have 29 grams of sugar and 440 calories? Couldn’t she have created the product using healthier ingredients? Contridiction.

  9. Glad she’s finally admitting the value of the video had on her pie sales. I think she realized the backlash she created and that she was pissing off a lot of fans by taking full credit. I never believed James Wright was looking for a payday, but it’s indeed a very nice gesture.

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