Thursday, September 29, 2022

Like He Cares – Trump Posts ‘Race-Baiting’ Meme on Twitter


*Donald Trump is making waves again as he posted a factually inaccurate tweet by a white supremacist on Monday (Nov. 23).

Detailing the tweet, Gawker reports it features a black gangbanger pointing a gun at a chart comparing murder rates between whites and blacks in America.

According to the chart, 81 percent of whites were killed by blacks, compared to 97 percent of blacks killed by blacks, a stat the site labeled “patently false” and “race-baiting.”

donald trump factually inaccurate anti-black tweetAnd to no one’s surprise it turns out, the information in Trump’s tweet really is false. 2014 crime statistics from the FBI state that 82 percent of white homicides are committed by other white people, while black offenders account for just 14 percent of white homicides.

FBI states on race-related homicides

News of Trump’s inaccurate tweet comes amid him urging supporters to physically remove a Black Lives Matter activist at a campaign rally he was at last weekend in Birmingham, Alabama.



  1. That’s not who he is. He has no reason to fact-check. He’s Donald Trump, Billionaire Extraodinaire. I wanna the American are not silly enough to make him president, but if they do…

  2. He’s extremely dangerous. My sister says she’s either going to vote for him or Carson. I can’t believe she would even consider it, esp since her sister (me) is married to someone who happens to be black, and we have kids that she really adores (I’m white). I’ve tried explaining to her why he’s bad, that he’s racist etc, and she agrees he has “faults” but think he’s “good for the country”!?!?!? This, from someone who voted for Obama before!!! I don’t get it. I’m really scared for our country…I pray that every single Dem gets their ass out to vote!!!!! Please God!!!

  3. My God is a Good God who has revealed Trump for who he really his. Latinos are the largest population of people in America and I’m sure most Black and let’s not forget the voting Musim American community will be ENOUGH VOTES TO ENSURE DONALD TRUMP THE RACIST never makes it to the White House. People should not pay to much attention to the polls cuz they are so inaccurate

  4. Trump has offended Hispanics, Fellow Republican candidates, Women, Muslims, the state of Iowa and African Americans. I apologize if I left anyone out. Who is next? What is wrong with his fellow Republican candidates? Are they afraid of him? Yes. Are the other Republican candidates going to stand by and allow this? Yes. Are they any different than he? No.

    This country will be in big trouble with him at the helm because this man has no filter. As Jen said he’s extremely dangerous.

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