Thursday, January 27, 2022

To Entertain, Inspire and Empower, You Must DO! [VIDEO]

2 days of destiny - destiny outreach entertainment panel
From L-R: Patrick Ingram, Ayanna A. Floyd, Stacey Evans-Morgan, Danita Patterson, Zoanne Clark, Carl Gilliard (photo credit: Lucson Barthelemy)

*At the recent power-packed entertainment panel, “Nielsen presents:  2 Days of Destiny”  at Faithful Central Bible Church in Los Angeles, I asked Danita Patterson if there was anything on her bucket list she wants God to handle.

Immediately she grinned with pleasure, flashing her million dollar smile outlined in a perfect peach lipstick.

Beyond her beauty and career as a model, she has managed to transition behind the scenes producing great work that entertains, empowers and inspires.

Post-grin, she proudly explained how in due time, helping others can easily play a part to your own success.

 “I had the privilege to work on ‘Heaven is For Real,’ and to be a part of that success was great! And I’ve been a part of so many people’s success, but now I have my own baby: a feature film that will be a spin-off tv show! Now, I’m doing it for me, it’s my turn and I’m Excited!”

After my excitement of “six degrees of separation,” which, you’ll see in the video, you can clearly see the joy of the inspirational speaker, producer and founder of Destiny Outreach, Danita Patterson.

The 2 day panel was a recipe of success that started with Patterson laying out the key ingredients of Finding and Fighting For Your Dreams, while allowing Franklin to unknowingly blend them all together like a master chef during the Fulfilling Your Dreams segment. The panel concluded with a final day of empowerment highlighting veteran industry producers, actors, and writers from Empire, Hannibal, Grey’s Anatomy and much more.

In partnership with the FCBC Repertory Company spearheaded by Carl Gilliard, 2 Days of Destiny presented a powerful entertainment panel like none other to make sure the knowledge, empowerment and information was crystal clear so that people can know how to go after that dream to achieve it!

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