Friday, May 20, 2022

Vivica A. Fox Maintains Booty Snatcher Stance on 50 Cent

vivica a. fox

*Think Vivica A. Fox is falling back on those “booty snatching” comments on her ex 50 Cent?

Think again.

Chatting with People to promote her debut as Cooke Lyon’s sister Candace on “Empire,” the actress showed no signs of retracting anything , saying, “I voiced my opinion, but I’m the kind of person where if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

“I was just really, really sick and tired of hearing the B.S. about ‘Empire’ and especially about the gay storyline,” she said while alluding to an Instagram post from a third party that 50 Cent shared.

According to People, the third party put the blame for a slide in the ratings on “Empire” on “gay stuff” explored on the hit show.

Taking in the comments, Fox was not a happy camper and made it known that she’s not taking back anything she said to please anyone.

“And I’m not going to take it back, because Lee Daniels, Taraji and Terrence Howard are very good friends of mine, and they are my costars, she told People. “And I’m a stand-up kind of babe, so I stood up for them and I don’t regret it whatsoever.”

From the looks of it, Fox’s no regret policy is working out. Especially for “Empire,” which benefitted from its alliance with the actress, who marked her first appearance on the show Wednesday night (Nov. 18).

As a result, TVbytheNumbers, reports that “Empire” has put an end to 7 straight weeks of low ratings with its latest episode attracting 100,000 more viewers than the one that aired last week.

As Candace, Fox informed Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) that their sister Carol (Tasha Smith) has gone missing. Determined to find Carol, who dumped her children at Candace’s mansion, the pair make plans to go to Philadelphia.

Having Fox on “Empire” is no accident.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fox confessed that it was her time on “Celebrity Apprentice” that caused Daniels, the co-creator of “Empire,” to call her about appearing on the hip-hop soap opera after watching her on the NBC show.

“Baby, I’m going to figure out some kind of way to get you on Empire,” Fox quoted Daniels saying to her.

“[W]when I got the call from him saying that he wanted me to be on Empire, I was like, “Yes.”

As far as Candace, Fox described her character as being “totally different than Cookie.

“She’s the bougie stuck-up sister that lives a totally different life. She’s married to a wealthy man, she’s doing well, she has children and she’s in the suburbs and very happy so we’re very different,” she shared while dropping hints of what “Empire” fans can expect from the sisters.

“… We’ve definitely lost our sisterly connection but the crisis with Carol happens and we have to go looking for Carol and that’s why we have to deal with each other. In us looking for Carol, and caring about Carol because she’s our sister, that’s why we have to deal with each other and boy, do we butt heads.”




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