Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Portraits of Harvard’s Tenured Black Law Professors Vandalized

taped harvard profs

*A room in Harvard University’s Wasserstein Hall features framed photographs of every tenured law professor in the school’s 198-year history. On Thursday morning, single strips of black tape were found covering the faces of the school’s black professors.

Vandalized photo of tenured Harvard law professor outside Wasserstein Hall - (Photo - Michelle Hall)
Vandalized photo of tenured Harvard law professor outside Wasserstein Hall – (Photo – Michelle Hall)

Michele Hall, a second-year student at the law school, took pictures of the defaced photos and wrote a piece about it for Blavity.com:

The portraits of black professors, the ones that bring me and so many other black students feelings of pride and promise, were defaced. Their faces were covered with a single piece of black tape, crossing them out of Harvard Law School’s legacy of legal scholarship. Their faces were slashed through, X-ing them out, marking them as maybe unwanted or maybe unworthy or maybe simply too antithetical to the legacy of white supremacy on which Harvard Law School has been built.

A third year Harvard law student, Jonathan Wall, also shared photos of the vandalism, believing it was in response to recent racial demonstrations on campus. “I was shocked. I was shocked, and I was obviously disgusted. Especially because it seems to be in response to yesterday’s day of activism,” Wall told the Boston Globe.

Harvard students rallied Wednesday at the school’s Science Center Plaza before marching to Porter Square, where they linked with Tufts University students to express solidarity with students of color across the country speaking out against racial injustices at their campuses, according to the Boston Globe.

Students from area colleges also met at the Parkman Bandstand on Boston Common earlier in the week in support of the national movement that began with unrest at the University of Missouri.

Harvard University police are investigating the vandalism, according to the Boston Globe. A spokesman for the campus police said it’s an “open and active investigation.”



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