Monday, May 23, 2022

Hilarious! Dude Becomes Patti LaBelle After Eating Her Sweet Potato Pie (Must See)

*Lawd have mercy, this dude is a trip!

His name is James Wright Chanel and he’s obviously a longtime fan of singer Patti LaBelle. Well, now he’s become a super fan of pie-baker Patti LaBelle.

On his Facebook page, he posted a video of himself trying Madame LaBelle’s new sweet potato pie that he bought from Walmart.

In the extremely entertaining video, while Mr. Chanel sings snippets of Patti’s songs damn near just like Patti Patti herself. Ahh, but the good part comes when he finally is able to open the package the pie is in and starts to eat.

There’s no doubt that Miss Patti’s pie is all that ’cause dude really starts singing Patti’s songs – in particular, “If Only You Knew” – in between bites.

After watching this – and with Thanksgiving right around the corner – there’s no reason for anybody to have to cook their own sweet ‘tata pie when Patti’s already done it for you.

Shoot, after watching this, we’re not even waiting for Thanksgiving. We’re headed to Walmart rat now!

Oh yeah, Patti herself has seen the video and she’s all the way down with James’ video and that high note he hit when he took a bite of that oh so deeeeeelicious sweet pie! 🙂

UPdate: James Wright Chanel says Patti Labelle reached out to him personally to tell how much she appreciates his review of her pie. He says it made him cry like a baby, according to Fox32 Chicago.




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