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Racial Protest Held at Yale; Ithaca, Smith Colleges Plan Walkouts (Video)

Yale's "March of Resilience" held Nov. 9, 2015
Yale’s “March of Resilience” held Nov. 9, 2015

*Students are holding events designed to bring attention to racial issues on a handful of U.S. college campuses this week, spurred on by the impact of protests at the University of Missouri, which led to the resignation of the school’s president and chancellor on Monday.

Peaceful marches or walkouts have occurred, or are planned, at Yale University, Ithaca College and Smith College over racist incidents that have gone unaddressed.

Shortly after Tim Wolfe, president of the University of Missouri, announced he would step down on Monday, a crowd of more than 1,000 gathered peacefully at the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, to hold what students called a “March of Resilience,” in solidarity with Missouri.

The Yale demonstrations were sparked after a fraternity on campus turned away black guests at a Halloween party, saying, according to reports at the time, that only white women would be admitted.

Watch below:

A walkout is also planned at Ithaca College, a private school in upstate New York. A student group called People of Color at Ithaca College announced on its Facebook page that it is planning an on-campus ‘Solidarity Walk Out’ at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday “for all the injustices students of color face on this campus and other colleges nationally.”

Students protest at Ithaca College in New York
Students protest at Ithaca College in New York

Ithaca president Tom Rochon, like Missouri’s Wolfe, has been under fire for his perceived soft handling of racially sensitive incidents on campus.

“With University of Missouri’s president stepping down, we demand Rochon do the same as it is vital to fight against both covert and overt racism in all places of education and empowerment,” the group said on a Facebook event page it created, where 500 students confirmed their attendance.

Smith College
Smith College

Students at Smith College, a women’s private school in Massachusetts, also planned a walkout for Wednesday. A Facebook event called ‘Smith Stands with Ithaca and Mizzou‘ is planned for midday, when students say they will walk out of class “for all the injustices students of color face on this campus and other colleges nationwide.”

Some schools were taking preventive measures. President of the University of Michigan, Mark Schlissel, scheduled a school-wide session on Tuesday to discuss diversity on campus, according to a post from him on Twitter.




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