Monday, January 25, 2021

Drug Dealer Murders Led FBI to Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and Raekwon: Report


*Wu-Tang Clan rappers RZA and Raekwon found themselves in the middle of an FBI investigation of the 1999 murders of two Staten Island drug dealers who robbed their relatives, a Brooklyn court filing revealed.

The Staten Island Advance reported on Tuesday (Nov 2) that the court documents came from convicted former drug kingpins Anthony and Harvey Christian. Last year, the brothers were found guilty of running a 20-year Staten Island-based drug empire as well as ordering the slaying of Jerome “Boo Boo” Estella in 1999.

The New York Post notes the Christian brothers are awaiting sentencing for their crimes. Word of RZA and Raekwon’s involvement came via details demanded by the siblings’ attorney, Michael Gold, which include allegations from an informant named Brian Humphreys who said the rappers may have had a hand in the death of Estella and another dealer.

RZA (real name Robert Fitzgerald) and Raekwon (real name Corey Woods) were never charged in either murder, the Post reports, adding that papers Assistant US Attorney Allon Lifshitz filed last month mention that relevant information in the case had already been provided prior to trial. In addition, the publication stated that
several passages from FBI files back up Lifshitz’ claim.

Excerpts from interviews with Humphreys suggest that Estrella robbed RZA’s little brother.

“A couple of weeks before the Boo Boo shooting, Uncles (informant Paul Ford) told Humphreys about a Blood named Boo Boo who just came home from jail. He stated that Boo Boo had robbed RZA’s little brother and had also gotten into something with the Christian brothers,” the excerpt reads.

“Uncles was talking about Boo Boo and said that he had just come home and robbed RZA’s brother and that they would likely come after him for that. Humphreys believes Uncles was referring to members of Wu-Tang.”

In another FBI passage, a conversation involving Humphreys, Ford and Anthony Christian is referenced as it goes on to reveal that Raekwon is mentioned in relation to the death of Corey “Shank Bank” Brooker, another Staten Island dealer.

In the conversation, Ford claimed that Brooker, who was fatally shot in June 1999, had robbed down RZA’s brother and Raekwon’s cousin. As a result, RZA put up $30,000 to have him killed, according to the filing.

“Ford stated that he had previously heard that Shank Bank was killed by Phife. Ford believes that Phife collected money from RZA for executing the hit,” according to the excerpt provided in the filing stated without identifying Phife.

“In this passage, Ford advised that Brooker — who died after the Estella murder — was murdered by a person hired by RZA, i.e., by a Wu Tang Clan associate, and that Estella may have been murdered as a result of a dispute between Brooker and RZA,” Lifshitz wrote in his filing.

As it stands now, Brooker’s case remains unsolved. Prosecutors contend that any purported Wu-Tang connection has no bearing on the Christian brothers’ guilt., according to the Post.



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