Monday, September 26, 2022

Jessica (‘White B**ch’ in Zola’s Twitter Tale) Says Story Mostly Made Up

Jessica (R) and Zola
Jessica (R) and Zola

*TMZ got hold of the white girl in the wild stripper/trappin’/gunfire tale woven by Zola on Twitter, and she is separating fact from fiction regarding their epic trip to Tampa.

As previously reported, self-proclaimed stripper Zola claimed she met a “white b**ch” named Jessica during her side hustle at Hooters. After finding out she also “danced,” they took a trip with Jessica’s boyfriend Jarrett to make some money dancing at a Tampa strip club. But Jessica wasn’t making any money on the pole, so she ended up “trapping,” (prostituting herself), assisted by Zola’s pimp-like knowledge of the game. Meanwhile Jessica’s real pimp allegedly shot a man. Also, Jarrett tried to commit suicide by jumping from a fourth floor hotel balcony, but his pants got stuck on the railing, saving him.

Well…Jessica says only parts of Zola’s story are true, according to TMZ. She confesses to the stripping part, but says it was Zola who decided to start tricking after making just $1 at the Tampa club.

She says the part about her pimp killing someone is completely false.

Jessica also squashes the part about her getting arrested in Vegas — saying she’s never been there –and adding she hasn’t talked to Zola since their Tampa adventure in March.

Per TMZ:

Lies aside … Jessica says she’s really pissed her photos spread (some including her kid) like wildfire when Zola’s story took over the Internet. She’s engaged, pregnant, and trying to put that escapade behind her — so, for now, she’s not thinking about suing.

Read Zola’s entire long and winding Twitter tale here.




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