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Michelle Williams, Salt-N-Pepa Guest Star on ‘Family Time’ [EUR Exclusive]

williams, cheryl
Michelle Williams / Cheryl ‘Salt’ Wray, (of Salt-N-Pepa)

*“Family Time” Season 3 kicked off to record ratings, and producer/director Bentley Kyle Evans says that this season, the comedy – about high school sweethearts Tony (Omar Gooding) and Lisa Stallworth (Angell Conwell) – isall about finding out who these people are and what their flaws are.”

“We want these characters to be very flawed individuals so they can be relatable to the viewing audience,” he said.

Viewers find out this season that the Stallworths own a construction company, and despite the family winning the lottery in the pilot episode and then moving on up to a better life, Omar says they “still have money issues,” and fans get to see how the family deals with those issues this season.

“The show and character have (been) so well received the past two seasons, so I feel like you don’t want to switch up too much from what’s already working,” Angell said, when asked about the evolution of her character. “Kinda like, if it’s not broken why fix it.”

A series a guest stars are lined up this season, including singer Michelle Williams and Salt-N-Pepa, who play themselves in an 80-themed costume party episode set to air tonight (October 27).

Salt-N-Pepa on ‘Family Time’ set. Source: Ny MaGee. *filter used on image*

EUR chatted with the rappers, along with the cast and crew, on the “Family Time” set ahead of the season premiere, and they explained how the episode “imitates life for us,” with Pepa noting how “there are a few scenes that we actually experienced in real life, so we could relate to this script.”

The “Push It” hitmakers also revealed that “musically, we may dab again,” with Pepa hinting at a possible holiday album around Christmas. There’s also a line of ‘Push It’ workout gear in the works, which you may need to hit the gym in after you watch their cooking show.

“We’re also working on a Salt-N-Pepa cooking show, which is us traveling,” Salt revealed. “We’re traveling anyway and we love to eat! So we might as well bring a camera along as we visit the restaurants and go in the kitchen and see what the chef is up to.”

Be sure to catch Salt-N-Pepa’s “Family Time” debut tonight.

Meanwhile, Bentley expressed his delight in having Michelle Williams guest star as an undercover FBI agent in a November 17 episode, and Michelle said she had an “absolute blast” working on the project, explaining: “I really enjoy acting and I wanted to come in there and make sure that people got to see Michelle as an actress. I think singers, we can get a bad rap coming into acting because some of us don’t know how to let that singer or that artist swag go and it’s like, I don’t want to see the singer, I want to see who the character is supposed to be.”

She continued:

“A lot of people don’t know that I grew up in the performing arts in school, so I didn’t just become a singer and say, ‘Oh, I think I wanna act now.’

As EXTRA TV reports, in the episode, “Tony and Lisa turn their house into a bed and breakfast while their kids are away at camp. One of their guests is a notorious robber. Michelle plays an undercover agent named Kim who is tasked with busting the robber, and she teams up with Omar’s character to keep him from succeeding in stealing from the Stallworth Family.”

“It was cool that they let me be myself and Bentley was open to let me add my ideas to the role,” Michelle said, adding, “Although Kim is a FBI agent, so I couldn’t get too silly, but there are some aspects of who I am personally that (Bentley) allowed me to do.”

Bentley welcomed the opportunity to have Michelle back on the show, saying: “hopefully we’ll bring her back to do other things.”

Catch “Family Time” Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bounce TV.

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