Tuesday, April 20, 2021

EUR on the Scene: The Cast of Minority Report at Comic Con (NYC)

*Meagan Good’s venture into science fiction television has been something of a wonderful experiment for the young actress, but the early experience has been a bit too familiar.

Good was also the lead in NBC’s canceled “Deception.”  Undoubtedly, people are starting to ask whether Meagan has what it takes to carry a show. We say yes, but we’re not writing the checks either.

Recently, I was in attendance at New York Comic Con for a panel discussion featuring the entire cast of “Minority Report” and showrunner Max Borenstein.

I made my way down front and center to get a decent camera angle for a woman who we’re hoping enjoys a long run as the next great Black sci-fi favorite-existing in a rich tradition that featured the great Nichelle Nichols (“Star Trek”), Eartha Kitt (“Batman”) all the way through Danai Guira (“The Walking Dead”).

I was even hoping Halle Berry would bring glory to that lineage with her CBS offering “Extant,” which recently got cancelled.  Just a day prior to Meagan Good, Nick Zano, Wilmer Walderrama, Li June Li and Stark Sands taking “Minority Report” center stage at New York Comic Con, FOX announced it would be reducing the overall number of episodes ordered from 13 to 10 episodes.

Whenever a studio does something like that it can be symbolic of an eventual cancellation.  But that didn’t deter those who make the show what it is from coming out, engaging fans, and making sure fans know that there is definitely a future for this show that takes place in a not-so-distant future.

Check out the exclusive video of Meagan Good talking about why she, as a strong black woman and is proud of the level of diversity on “Minority Report.”

Also, showrunner Brad Borenstein discusses the evolution of the show, Nick Zano speaks out about the evolution of Arthur, and both Stark Sands and Meagan discuss the meshing of Dash and Vega as a working team and so much more.

Tune to FOX on Sundays at 10pm for a brand-new episode of Minority Report.

Ricardo A. Hazell began his career in journalism in 1996 as a Research Intern for the prestigious Editor & Publisher Co. His byline has appeared in The Root, Washington Post, Black Enterprise and he helped define culture within the African Diaspora as Senior Cultural Contributor at The Shadow League. Currently working on the semi-autobiographical novel "Remorse".



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