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#BlackLivesMatter (LA Chapter) Targeted by Religious, Community Leaders

Pastor Kelvin  Sauls allegedly being threatened and cursed out by Melina Abdullah and Jasmine Richards, in the pulpit of Holman United church
Pastor Kelvin Sauls allegedly being threatened and cursed out by Black Lives Matter (LA) activists Melina Abdullah and Jasmine Richards, in the pulpit of Holman United Methodist church

*A press release sent to EURweb informs that a coalition of South Los Angeles  religious and community leaders are denouncing the actions of  #BlackLives Matter organizers Melina Abdullah and the L.A.chapter.

The coalition is demanding an apology to Pastor Sauls, Holman United Methodist Church and the South LA community who came to participate in a town hall meeting with Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The meeting was unfortunately cut short after Abdullah and Black  Lives Matter activists stormed the stage with Pastor Sauls being threatened with violence in his own sanctuary.

“To threaten violence against a pastor in his own church and  our community is unacceptable, ” stated Rev. Paulette Simpson Gipson.

“To the members of Black Lives Matter L.A.chapter and allies who cussed at me in the sanctuary on Monday night during the town hall, I have forgiven you. Because the lives of black people matter, your disrespect and verbal violence will not be a weapon mass distraction to our resolve,” Rev Kelvin Saul, Pastor of Holman United Methodist Church reflected.

“In light of what took place last Monday night at Holman Church we stand with the community in demanding a public apology for the actions that violated that sacred place of God, the Pastor and community. We demand this because black life matters.” – Rev. K. W. Tulloss, president of the National Action Network L.A.chapter

“It was unbelievable that Black Lives Matter organizers actually stormed the stage cutting short Mayor Garcetti’s remarks to the community and actually threatened Pastor Sauls, with violence in his own church. It was the most idiotic display of activism I’ve ever seen in my life. They owe  Pastor Sauls, Holman United Methodist Church and our community an apology,  ” says Najee Ali, Director of Project Islamic Hope.

Press conference:
Date : Monday October 26th. 2015
Time :11:00am
Location : Mount Moriah Baptist Church
4269 South Figueroa Blvd
Los Angeles CA. 90037

Sponsored by
The  Baptist Ministers Conference
Pastor Xavier Thompson President.
Pastor Kelvin Sauls
Rev.Paulette Simpson Gipson
National Action Network
Najee Ali. CEO Project Islamic Hope
and a coalition of Religious and community leaders.



Najee Ali/Project Islamic Hope



  1. See, I said it before…That blacklivesmatter group is unorganized, unfocused on an agenda. They are turning into a bunch loud women who interrupt programs, rallies or anything else they can find. This does not help their cause……SMDH.

    • I did some research and writing on Black lives Matter. It’s long so I appreciate anyone who reads it.

      Some say that BLM resembles the Nazis. I disagree.* They resemble a watered down version ISIS They tweeted each other during Ferguson and the Nation of Islam was heavily represented there too – both the smooth bow-tie wearing front men AND the all black wearing militarized gun carrying version as well.

      Check the videos. I saw them – but I grew up in the Bay Area – I am familiar with the Nation and their style so I may see and understand things that others may miss or have no clue about.

      The Nation of Islam is a part of the ummah** just as ISIS and every other Muslim. BLM regularly expresses solidarity with the Arab world and some have even traveled there. Islam is involved in the movement. I see it, probably others do too.

      BLM is, as they put it, “chapter based” just like ISIS. The caliphate (and the main show) may be in the Middle East but members are all over the world. Also, for both groups membership is loose and undefined but they have identifiable leaders. An ISIS and or BLM act could be a single individual that joined that day, a small group or a very large group. One simply acts and claims the group.

      One of he reason they have an affinity for each other is that both are fundamentally criminal. They behave, resemble and organize like criminal gangs. Also, like in gang culture men are the center of attention. Note the martyrs BLM has chosen are overwhelmingly criminal men. That can not be denied.

      Both have heavy, similar branding: Their main message often being presented through a simple black background with white lettering They also use the colors the black panthers favor: black, green and red. They even have t-shirts that feature the American flag transformed from red white and blue to black, green and red.

      This association leads us to another similarity: loose affiliations with similar groups. The black panthers are the black panthers and BLM is BLM. Just as ISIS is ISIS and al qaeda is al qaeda (black flag with the white lettering is their standard

      An amorphous quality is produced by the looseness and fluidity between the groups
      and the vagueness of membership. This is VERY useful for BLM. They can accept credit and deny responsibility at will. They do this regularly.

      Both of the organizations HEAVILY utilize social media – effective and similar deceptive techniques and psychological warfare are applied to social media. It’s there – if you have a background in psychology it’s easy to see. (The Iranians recently called out the saudis for running psy-ops on line. They are. Others see it too.)

      The bloody displays – ISIS decapitates people as part of their method of social control: They use violence and the grotesque pageantry to intimidate – both the individuals directly under their control and all the viewers online.

      BLM – being watered down – does the same but with animals. They scrawled
      “Darren Wilson” on the side of a roasted suckling pig and the mutilated it at a protest. That’s a death threat BTW.

      They decapitated the animal and paraded the head around gleefully in front of a
      line of officers. I believe that was the same protest that the black panthers were at with long guns and chanting death threats.

      Now, I’m not saying that BLM is necessarily a Muslim organization, I’m saying there is an affinity and loose connection between ISIS & BLM & nation of islam & black panthers at least.

      Something interesting: the police are called “pigs” which in Islam is the lowest of the low (out side of grafted white devils for our American Nation of Islam – of course).
      I wonder if the epitaph came about when of Islam entered our jails – that’s where Malcolm X picked up Islam – and that’s where the term came from?

      I could go on but this is getting long and I’m tired of typing. Again, I appreciate your reading this.

      ** Now that I think about IS ISIS is a lot like the Nazis . . . and there is a legend that the Nazis were actually … MUSLIMS! Seeing as there is a Muslim connection, I can understand why some may see that.

      *ummah “a supra-national community with a common history” this means that Muslims are Muslims and that reality trumps everything and all other relationships: personal, with other cultures and governments alike.

  2. why hasn’t anyone interviewed the women to get their side? If it’s true they should apologize. If it’s not then eurweb is spreading a big lie. This story depends on what the other side has to say and it seems you only printed one side…what happened to objective journalism?

  3. As a former activist, this group is out of control!; There is a protocol for demonstrating,
    and, they do not have a clue. Jumping on the Mayors car is unbelievable., yelling and being disruptive accomplishes NOTHING.

  4. I too think both sides should be heard before printing and believing only one. Remember since it’s in the church didn’t the Word teach at the mouth of 2 witnesses let the truth of a matter be heard and not 1. And by the way when and how did this become this pastors church and pulpit because I still see him standing not dead so I’m confused at what church he died for because it’s sure not the our Lord did, he only died for one which he is the Head and not a man.

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