Wednesday, July 28, 2021

‘It’s Disappointing’: Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Ebony’s Shattered ‘Cosby Show’ Cover’


*With its November cover featuring a shattered image of the iconic Huxtable family of TV’s “The Cosby Show,” Ebony magazine is striking a nerve among readers.

For Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Theo on the classic sitcom, the cover is one he is not happy with at all. The entertainer weighed in on the image, which reflects the impact of multiple sexual assault and drugging allegations against Bill Cosby on the legacy of the show.

In his eyes, Ebony’s cover furthers the perpetuating stereotype of the “broken black family” stereotype.

cosby show (shattered)

“[The cover is] contributing to the stereotypical image that society has of the broken black family and the shattered black family,” Warner said during an interview on HuffPost Live. “And to take something that … for 20 [or] 30 years has been what we have held up as the black family that we all want to aspire to, in terms of the love that we don’t see when we see black families in the media — to take that image and to shatter it, it’s disappointing to a lot of us.”

Warner’s comments come after he previously mentioned that the legacy of “The Cosby Show” has been “tarnished” by the allegations against Cosby. To see Warner’s interview, check out the video below:



  1. “[The cover is] contributing to the stereotypical image that society has of the broken black family and the shattered black family’. That’s funny. I didn’t see that at all until he mentioned it. I just see it as a clever use of imagery to show how the reputation of the show has been tarnished by Cosby’s actions.

  2. The problem with this is exactly what Nujabes saw. The editor and chief didn’t see a problem with this at all and there in lies the problem. Those of us that lived through the error of The Cosby Show and gained from finally seeing a positive depiction of a black American family can see the problem clearly. Although we wish we had the luxury of blindly not seeing it. It is an insult, not only to Mr. Cosby and all the great things he has done and birthed over 20 to 30 years, as Mr. Warner stated, but also to everyone on that cover and everyone living out dreams because 20 years ago someone had the courage to show them they could become more than what they could see. Hats off to you Mr. Cosby for your legacy lives on. No matter how hard they may try to destroy it, it lives!
    I am a product of the Cosby years and my desire to attend college was strengthened because you influenced a generation of young black people to reach higher, dig deeper, and go further. We were changed because of what we saw. If you don’t believe people are affected by what they see ask all the tweens and teens with the near naked and naked selfies on social media how often they watched 106 and Park and the like, ask the editor and chief of Ebony how often she misses Olivia Pope. And if you see nothing wrong with that then clearly you were not apart of the Cosby error which is probably why you see nothing wrong with this.
    I recently took 2 day board exam for medicine and the only TV I watched on Sundays was A Different World reruns on Hulu. And they all were encouraging, uplifting, and empowering. They reminded me of the struggles we have overcome for me to get where I am, now my 4th degree… because I saw more. I’m not praising him for my successes. That only belongs to God. But I am thankful for his God given legacy.
    So thank you Mr. Cosby and Cosby cast.
    Shame on you Ebony Magazine for allowing this, how dare you Kierna Mayo? Where is Mitzi, I can’t believe she would have approved this.

  3. Although befitting this post, please excuse my grammatical errors (play on words) and replace error for era. My views are on The Cosby Show not the actions or errors of Mr. Cosby. However, let him without sin cast the first stone.
    The man hasn’t admitted to assault allegations and he’s already been tried and sentenced for it.

  4. The editor at Ebony is just doing what Jill Scott, Whoopi and all the black folks who threw Cosby under the bus did. They think they have to pander to whites to enhance their appeal in a majority white society.


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