Friday, April 23, 2021

Man Claiming to be Tracy Morgan’s Son Get’s Shut Down

tracy morgan and Lou Morgan, the man claiming to be his son,*Since his official return on the scene at the Emmys and a standout appearance last weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” Tracy Morgan has gotten more than a few eyes checking for him.

But one thing the former “30 Rock” star does not have, according to Page Six,  is a son named Lou.

“Tracy does not have a son named Lou,” the rep told the news outlet. “It is just someone making stuff up. No one on our side knows this guy.”

Despite this, Page Six reports that the man in question, Lou Morgan, didn’t get the memo as he celebrated his “dad” Saturday (Oct. 17) while checking Morgan out on “SNL” at Haus, a nightclub in Tribeca.

During his time at the venue, Lou was overheard telling the DJs to give a “shout out to his dad, Tracy Morgan, for his recovery and the return of him hosting.”

According to a source, Lou and his friends followed that up with spending “$50,000 on bottles” as music from DJs Stacks and Klutch played.

Lou’s claim of being Morgan’s son apparently extends to social media as a Facebook page for him features a picture of the funnyman alongside a caption that reads, ““Happy Fathers day to the world’s coolest Dad.” Another picture on Lou’s Facebook page shows Morgan and rapper Shaggy with the caption, “Mi papa.”

Think that’s all Lou’s got with playing the role of Morgan’s son?

Try the dealing with the fact that he has another photo. The difference between this one and the other two is it’s a shot of Lou with “30 Rock” shaved into his hairdo, Page Six points out.

Any bets on when and if someone will step up to break the news to “Lou” that he isn’t Morgan’s son?

Stay tuned.



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