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Kadesh Teams up With Music Composer Farzam Salami

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Kadesh Teams up With Music Composer Farzam Salami

Thousand Oaks, CA  – Renowned music composer Farzam Salami teams up with singer Kadesh aka Desiree Coleman Jackson to perform his exclusive debut concert “Love in the Middle East introducing a new brand of music on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at the Janet and Ray Scherr Theater in Thousand Oaks, CA, from 7p.m. to 10:00p.m.

Farzam Salami, one of the most diverse and gifted musicians of our times has birthed a new sound that will revolutionize all genres of music. From classical, r&b, hip hop, gospel, pop and even country, Salami, a multi-instrumentalist who plays 32 instruments including the piano and the Tombak, is excited to share some of his latest musical creations.

In an earlier interview Salami says “I have been blessed to be able to convey expression through music, equally in several genres. Mostly self-taught.  I want to introduce something new.

It’s a fusion that has never been done before. I dream to collaborate with artists like, Jay Z, Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West, Pharrel, Hans Zimmer, Yani, and Keyhan Kalhor and so many others”.

During the concert, Farzam will unveil a multiplicity of unique sounds, beats and compositions created by a complex fusion of musical instruments from Iran with those of North American, producing an explosive new sound.

Joining him on stage will be high octave songbird/recording artist Kadesh aka Desiree Coleman Jackson, wife of ex-NBAer and ABC-TV/ESPN sports analyst Mark Jackson. She too will showcase a new brand of music.

“Farzam Salami has brought a new sound to America’s pop culture. A captivating sound of hot beats played on “Tombak” drum mixed with the ancient sound of “Tar”, beautifully accompanied by his classic versatile style of piano. I am thrilled to be part of this historical event of an Iranian star crossing cultures here in America”, says Kadesh.

Salami will also perform “Utopia of Peace”, a song written and composed for President Obama and the people of America in the hope of peace. The song made its way to the White House and caused outrage within the Iranian Government, banning Salami from ever returning to his native country again.

“I believe it was fate that landed my feet here in America and no matter where I go in life; I know that music is the universal language. Music is an expression so powerful that it can unite nations”, says Salami.

More about Farzam Salami 

Farzam Salami was a well accomplished and sought after, bestselling composer/musician in Iran for much of his life. He was considered a musical child prodigy after displaying an extraordinary talent for playing both the Tombak and the Piano at age 4. As a teenager he briefly studied piano with Arpine Israeilian, a Russian classical piano instructor and studied Iranian music theory with maestro Houshang Zarif, a famous tar musician. Salami plays 32 instruments, and his versatility has afforded him the opportunity to work in several genres. To learn more, visit him at

About Kadesh AKA Desiree Coleman Jackson 

Native New Yorker, Desiree Coleman Jackson aka Kadesh earned national recognition when she starred in the classic and legendary, longest running off Broadway musical in American history “Moma I Want to Sing”.

She was a teen singing sensation/actress that wowed the audience showcasing her 6 octave, pitch perfect range, to sold out crowds night after night, from coast to coast and even Japan.

It wasn’t long before she caught the attention of the legendary singing diva Patti Labelle who took her under her wing and got her signed to her first record deal with Motown.  Kadesh is married to ESPN Sports Analyst Mark Jackson and the family resides in the Los Angeles area. To learn more visit





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