Monday, October 3, 2022

The Doe Fund Celebrates 30 Years with Gala at Cipriani in NYC.

doe fund 30th anniversary

*While homelessness in New York City has hit alarming levels (with over 56,000 people in shelters or on the streets), The Doe Fund has been consistently effective in reducing recidivism, curbing costs and overall improving the quality of life for millions of New Yorkers.

For thirty years, The Doe Fund has transformed the lives of men and their families through the power of economic opportunity.

An entire generation of formerly homeless and incarcerated men have discovered the value of work and the value within themselves through Ready, Willing & Able.

Ready, Willing & Able is a 9 to 12 month transitional work program and provides graduates with lifelong resources. The program consists of four phases: Orientation, Work & Skills Training, Job Preparation & Placement, and Graduation. For our “men in blue,” graduation means the obtainment of a full-time job, housing, and sobriety.

  • The Doe Fund’s “Men In Blue” clean over 170 miles of city sidewalks every day
  • Over 22,000 former homeless and incarcerated individuals have been served
  • Every donor dollar used by the Doe Fund saves NY taxpayers $3.60 in costs associated with criminal justice, child support, hospital visits and more
  • A 60% reduced recidivism rate
  • Average starting wage of Doe Fund graduates is $10.80/hr ($2.05 more than the state’s minimum wage rate)
  • Provides a pipeline of quality labor to the private sector in the form of retail/food services, healthcare, construction, transportation, waste management and more.

On Thursday, October 29 at Cipriani in New York City, The Doe Fund celebrates three decades of the power of opportunity and embark on the next generation of their work. Twenty-two thousand “men in blue” have returned to their communities, reunited with their children, and become contributing members of society. They each chose self-sufficiency, independence, and work as the path to a better life. Our communities are safer and cleaner because of that choice. And our future, as a nation, is brighter because of it, too.

Visit the gala’s website to purchase tickets and learn how you can support The Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing & Able program.

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