Friday, September 30, 2022

Whites Form Human Shield to Protect Black Protesters from Police in SA

white human shield

*A group of white students in South Africa formed a human shield to protect black student demonstrators from police officers that had previously used force against the predominantly black crowd protesting rising university fees.

According to, protests under the #FeesMustFall movement are intensifying across the country as students continue their demand for no increase in college fees.

Police had used force on Monday afternoon, when students from Rhodes University went to support their peers at the Eastcape Midlands College (EMC), according to Rhodes’ independent publication, Activate.

Activate reported: “Rhodes students united with the EMC protestors with the hopes of discouraging use of unnecessary force by the police. According to an eyewitness, tensions rose when protestors were chanting at the police to leave, and the police responded by driving towards the crowd in an attempt to disperse the protestors.”

The publication continued, “Gates at EMC were closed to prevent students from entering the premises. The eyewitness explained that a man attempted to climb over the gate resulting in SAPS firing what was initially thought to be rubber bullets into the crowd. However, SAPS have since stated that stun grenades were the only weapons used against the protestors.”

According to the official Twitter account of the #RhodesMustFall movement, RMF called on white supporters to form a shield around black protesters to protect them from police.


The white human shield appeared to have worked, as no further rubber bullets or stun grenades were fired. Whether or not the police would have used force, had white students not stood in the way, will forever remain a mystery.

Social media weighed in on the tactic:



  1. to think that they did not shoot because the shield was being made by whites and trying to pass comments that whites are more important is rubbish. Whites are considered last in every aspect of this country yet they went and stood to help their fellow friends in protesting something TOGETHER. This nonsense about race needs to end, and it is clearly shown by the different races working together for a cause. People need to stop being so ignorant.

    • with due respect, if they were shooting beforehand and ceased shooting when white people got in the way, it kind of proves that they value white lives more, right? It’s not right and that’s part of what they are fighting for, but it doesn’t make it not true. so until it’s not true #BlackLivesMatter

  2. This is post apartheid South Africa. So aren’t we talking about mostly black cops?

    Well, props to them for acknowledging that white lives matter. Too bad that not unlike their Amerikkkan counterpart, black lives don’t seem to matter to them.

  3. white student showed solidarity that was nice I appreciated their concern thank you sorry for the negative comments

  4. With all due respect, as much as I like the content of this article, I become dubious of any informational/newsy kind of article that doesn’t link to where it get’s it’s information from.
    Articles need to hyperlink things like “Rhodes’ independent publication” so I can see and judge the credibility of the original source.
    The video doesn’t really show me anything and the cover photo looks stock.

    • You mean the bushmen? Well, obviously you do. you can’t possibly mean the Northern Africans who came down here and drove them off the land long before whites ever did.

  5. Guys… Get over yourselves regarding black and white comments. The big picture is they were standing together. Turn your focus onto the real problem… Not black and white but our problem corrupt government.

  6. Stupid YT! After the cops leave the wild apes will rob and muh dik you! What a waste of time. Should have let the police do their work!

  7. “The white human shield appeared to have worked, as no further rubber bullets or stun grenades were fired. Whether or not the police would have used force, had white students not stood in the way, will forever remain a mystery.”

    The first sentence clearly and preemptively resolves any “mystery” mentioned in the second sentence.

    Why on earth the journalist proceeded to include that last sentence in the article will forever remain a mystery.

  8. Uh no,morons, the White students don´t get beaten because they did not attack or act threateningly toward the police.

  9. Quartzog-43 why do you AUTOMATICALLY assume the black students attacked of provoked the police?? Is it because they are,idk,BLACK??? And like all backward thinking,prejudiced idiots all black people MUST BE GUILTY OF SOMETHING to you,right? And the white students didn’t get shot at or had unnecessary force used on them because NO WHITE PERSON EVER has gotten confrontational with police in your mind,right?? You would actually be hilarious if I didn’t feel sorry for you. It must hurt to be so ignorant…SMDH.

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