Thursday, September 29, 2022

Russell Simmons Issues Personal Apology for RushCard Shutdown


*Days after accounts for RushCard accidentally shut-down, Russell Simmons is assuring customers that their frozen accounts will be accessible again.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Simmons personally apologized for the shutdown, which occurred last week. The entertainment mogul and RushCard mentioned that he company’s systems are starting to come back to life after the outages, CNN reports.

“I want to personally reassure you that your funds are safe and that we are addressing every issue as quickly as possible,” Simmons said in the video. “I deeply apologize for the hardship this is causing and give you my solemn commitment that we will fix these problems.”

Founded in 2003 by Simmons, RushCard is a prepaid debit card system that charges customers fees for various services that include accessing money and checking the balance from out-of-network ATMs. The company is part of the Def Jam Recordings founder’s Rush Communications which is a media, finance and fashion company.

As for the cause of the RushCard shutdown, Simmons attributed the problem to a “technology transition.”

RushCard CEO Rick Savard echoed the Phat Farm creator as he blamed the problem on a “transition” to a new card processing company. The company did not say how many customers were affected, according to CNN.

Despite the apology and assurance, Simmons admitted that it will take a few days for everything to get back to normal in light of efforts to correct account balances and problems with cardholder access.

“Many of you are now seeing your direct deposits show up and that will continue over night,” RushCard said on its Facebook page late Wednesday (Oct. 14). “In addition, we expect that cards locked as a result of too many failed website login attempts will be unlocked overnight. Lastly, your online balances will begin to reflect transactions that occurred since our processor transition.”

As it stands now, customers will have to make due. According to Simmons, although RushCard holders won’t be able to get their money direct deposited into their accounts two days before their regular paycheck, they will get their money on actual payday.

Hmm, sounds like a serious mess to us. Good luck to all involved.



  1. Even the phone menu had started being a headache, just trying to gett thru , and now my account is frozen, keeps changing my password, and stilll cannot get into my account.

  2. This is some mess I would never put my money into. Never! This is awful. Russell tries to make believe he is helping people – said he does not want people on the check cashing line – but he is making money by charging fees for transactions that a normal bank would not charge. Now he’s made their lives a mess with this broken down system. Don’t believe the hype!!

  3. How the hell is my old card active and payments going out but I cant touch my money or activate the new card? I lost my old card and got the new one and it wouldn’t activate then payments are coming out but I’m not able to use my new card. Is that why they are making it no fees for November through February? Is that really going to make up for people not being able to access their paychecks? That isnt going to cover late fees and bills and food and gas. I’m so done with rushcard.

  4. You guys should contact the lawyer who is handling this case to try to help everyone who is being effected by this. My bf got screwed by rush 1 week before they “system problems” even occured. This is week #2 for him so there is no “system” to blame. Russell should have invested more money into this business after the billions he has already made a profit from in the past. I wish everyone the best of luck. but you need to contact the lawyer.
    Blake Thomas Attorney at Law Consumer Fraud Legal Services 800-568-0430 ***People please email or contact this attorney, he is working on the case. ****

  5. I am still locker out my card. My cash from direct deposit was loaded late friday the 16. Card still says inactive and i can’t pay no bills.

  6. This dude is from the world of hip-hop..I would never trust my money with that Rush Mess!. The banking industry is NOT his profession. Promptly give these folks their money back and close that operation down before you end up in jail or something!

  7. This is wrecking my life. I have three kids, no food, bills past due, I can’t even pay for gas to get to or from the daycare and work. I am now on the 2nd week of no access to to my paycheck. His apology is ****

  8. SON OF A BIATCH. RUSSELL SIMMOM where is my fuc*king money at. My bills are past do. I don’t even have money to buy a $1 pop. I just got a letter from my cell phone bill if I don’t pay my cell. They are going to suspend my account cause of your dumd ass. I have 4 kids I can’t buy food. IS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!!! FoR REAL FOOL. LET ME GET MY MONEY OUT OF YOUR RUSH CARD. AND THEN YOU CAN STICK YOUR CARD IN YOUR AS*. We should all get together and sue this moron. Who is we me !!

  9. This is crazy. We have two rush cards. One is frozen the other seems to be ok. HOWEVER== I did stop the next direct deposit. I will never again trust them. Finally got thru to customer service all they would say is — we have not received an email stating when the issue will be resolved. They did however inform me that a replacement card can be issued once the issue is resolved and sent to use for a fee of $30.00, You gotta be kidding me. Why should we have to pay for new cards, and who would still want one after this mess. How are people suppose to get back and forth to work and buy food. Cell phones will be cut off at midnight – 5 lines- how are our kids suppose to be able to reach us.I thought Rush was a good thing how wrong I was. What kind of company tries to make a change like that and does not have a back up in place. And we can only hope the ones that are working to fix it ARE NOT THE ONES THAT CAUSED IT. I will be contacting BBB and a lawyer you can bet that!!!

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