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Don Cheadle’s ‘Miles Ahead’ Pushed Back to Spring 2016

Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle

*“Miles Ahead,” the Don Cheadle produced pic about legendary jazz musician Miles Davis has been pushed back to the spring of 2016. An update was posted for contributors to the project’s Indiegogo campaign last week, with no specific release date mentioned.

Cheadle has insisted the film not be called a biopic, as the non-chronological storytelling lends itself to an unconventional approach to telling Miles’ story. The film finds Davis looking back over his life while being interviewed by a journalist. IMDB describes the plot as an “intimate look into the life of a young aspiring writer, Miles Williams as he struggles to overcome the solace of hometown in the wake of his best friend’s death.”

“What we all know in these real stories is that to some degree, they are all historical fiction, everyone is taking poetic license because clearly you can’t encapsulate a person’s life in 90 minutes, two hours, whatever it is,” Cheadle explained to Billboard. “I didn’t want to attempt to be playing cute with the story in saying, ‘This is a true story.’ I wanted the storyteller in the movie, being Miles Davis, to say, ‘If I’m gonna tell a story, I’m gonna tell a story, and I want it to be creative and interesting and different.'”

As IndieWire notes, Sony Pictures Classics acquired worldwide distribution rights to “Miles Ahead” back in August, and the film made its world premiere as the Closing Night film at the 53rd New York Film Festival over the weekend.

“For me, the music is not dead; for me, Miles is extensively not dead. And for those who don’t know, who have not been formally introduced to his music, it’s the underpinning of a lot of popular music today,” said Cheadle, explaining his statement behind making this film is, “It’s intended to say Miles is present, Miles lives and Miles is now, and the story of Miles Davis continues.”

There is no official trailer yet, but you can check out a clip from “Miles Ahead” is below:

Ny MaGee
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