Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Magic City Files Counter-Suit Against Ex-Strippers

stripper & pole

*In 2014 a group of exotic dancers teamed up to sue Magic City. Now the iconic Atlanta strip club is firing back with a counter-lawsuit against the ex-strippers, according to Eben Gregory.

The ladies accused the club of not paying them fair wages. They were classified as “work for hire” and had to pay a fee in order to dance every night.

Although they weren’t paid by the club, the dancers still had to pay a fine if they were late to “work.” Also, a $50 penalty was charged to any dancer who didn’t perform up to standards with an one-day suspension.

If those restrictions and fees weren’t enough, these young women also had to pay their house mother a portion of their tips as well as other fees.

Nevertheless, the club responded  to the lawsuit with the start of a real legal battle. Magic City is suing the ex-strippers right back for breaching agreements and filing the initial lawsuit.

The original lawsuit the ladies filed against the strip joint claimed their required work was in violation of federal labor laws — while asking for the minimum wages they have never gotten finally be paid.

However, the club said they aren’t owed any money because they were never considered employees. The agreements highlighted each dancer was an independent contractor and couldn’t take any legal action against the club. Hence, Magic City filed the counter lawsuit.




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