Monday, September 26, 2022

Report: Paris Jackson On Verge of Meltdown; Hasn’t Seen Mom in Over a Year

Paris Jackson with boyfriend Chester Castellaw
Paris Jackson with boyfriend Chester Castellaw

*Paris Jackson has reportedly stopped talking to her mother Debbie Rowe, and friends fear she’s headed for a relapse in a fight with the same demons that drove her to attempt suicide two years ago, according to Radar Online.

“Everyone thought she was back on track,” a friend told the website, “but now it looks like she’s on the verge of a meltdown.”

According to multiple reports, Paris first attempted suicide in 2013, by slashing her wrists and taking pills. During her recovery period, Paris grew closer to her mother. But Radar now reports that Rowe, 56, hasn’t seen her daughter in over a year.

According to a family insider, relatives are terrified after Paris, 17, revealed her fragile state on social media. “In video clips” with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Chester Castellaw, “Paris acts crazy,” said her friend. “She grabs hold of his face and sings: ‘This is my baby, if you flirt with him, touch him, talk to him, think about him, or even look at him, I will slit your throat!’”

A psychologist tapped by Radar to comment saw the footage and concluded: “This is definitely not healthy.”

According to the website, Paris was planning to marry her boyfriend when she turns 18 next spring, a move that is terrifying her friends.

“I’m afraid if she tries to push Chester into marriage, he’ll dump her, then all hell will break loose,” warned the source.



  1. It is strange that as soon as Paris Jackson decides not to appear the reality show all of sudden Debbie Rowe is brought into it and now they are putting her out there as though she is losing it. The 3T’s need to be ashamed of themselves. They all said that they were not forcing Michael’s kids into anything but what a crock of bull that is. First of all these tabloids need to get their timelines correct. Paris Jackson attempted suicide in 2013 she went into the hospital and then was sent away for two years to a therapeutic boarding school in Utah, similar to the one Rosie O’Donnel sent her adopted daughter too. Those schools discourage contact with family members. Rosie’s daughter said her phone time was very limited and I am sure the same went for Paris. She recently was released and is back to being home schooled. During the year she went without contact with her mother, she was under the rules and regulations of the school Ms. Jackson placed her in. She has only been out for a few months. Like any normal teenager she is going through the stages of puppy love. she is not shunning her mother she is growing up. Most teenagers spend more time with their friends, and boyfriend than they do their parent or parents. How much time did Debbie Rowe spend with her mom at Paris Jackson’s age? And what seems hypocritical is that Prince Jackson never attempted to have any relationship with his mother but nobody faults him for that. Prince Jackson has been dating for over three years and he is only a year older than Paris. Prince exhibits more instability than Paris in relationships because he trades girls in like it is nothing. He does not seem to be able to remain with one girl for a long time. The longest he goes is about 6 months before she is traded in for another girl. At least Paris Jackson has been able to stick by one boyfriend and wants to tie the knot. I wonder how often anyone from that family including Ms. Jackson visited Paris over the past two years? Maybe the only reason they agreed to release Paris Jackson from the boarding school was so that they could put her on the reality show. If I was Paris I would not participate either. The 3T’s are yesterday’s news as well as their parents and and most of the other Jackson’s.

  2. There is nothing wrong with Paris Jackson. She has been away for two years and was not able to stay in touch with anyone. And the person/s who put her away were Ms. Jackson and TJ. Now they are trying to be slick and get Power of Attorney. Watch out Paris.

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