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The Pulse of Entertainment: Universal Pictures’ Steve Jobs is a Brilliant Look into a Genius’ Mind

Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs n the Universal Picture presentation.
Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs in the Universal Picture presentation.

*Adapted from the biography “Steve Jobs” by bestselling author Walter Issacson the Universal Picture presentation Steve Jobs is a brilliant look into a genius mind. Michael Fassbender (300, X-Men, 12 Years a Slave) is Steve Jobs and he physically looks a lot like the innovator. Seth Rogen (Neighbors) is Steve Wozniak co-founder, with Jobs, of Apple, Inc. – he is the technical mind of the two-man team.

The film begins when the company has had seven years of success with the Apple I and II computers. Steve Jobs is worth $400 million and they are about to launch the MAC which would be incompatible with any operating system available and he wants it to also talk. The pressure is on and the staff and board members are feeling the heat, but not Jobs. While multi-tasking you see him ignore the pressure and launch the new technology called the MAC even though the staff is still unsure that it will talk. Throughout the film it shows how the two Steve’s seem to never be in agreement in how to run the company, and with low sales on the MAC it resulted in Jobs being ousted from Apple, Inc. by his own board.

Directed by Academy Award winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) Steve Jobs literally takes you behind the scene of the launches that changed innovation in America. The film takes the viewer into Jobs’ mind of risk taking that resulted in the micro computer (Apple), the MAC and the iMAC. It was a long gamble based solely on his innate belief that the technology could be created.  With Jobs leading and motivating the staff to be more innovative throughout the film it ends with the success of the iMAC which had an operating system that was able to use the newest technological advance called the Internet. The success of the iMAC made Steve Jobs a billionaire.

Steve Jobs also stars Jeff Daniels as John Sculley appointed by Jobs as CEO of Apply, Inc. and Academy Award winner Kate Winslet (Titanic) as Joanna Hoffman head of Jobs’ marketing team for the MAC and NeXT projects. NeXT, which was a Jobs independent launch, was use by him as a strategy to get back on board with Apple, Inc. where the technical minds were. Watching it unfold is mind blowing, like watching a high-stakes card game played, and the results will leave you wanting to watch the movie again and again.

Steve Jobs is released to New York and Los Angeles theaters October 9, 2015 and all theaters nationwide October 23, 2015. You can log onto for more information or to watch the trailer.

The Bergman’s exquisite ‘Celebration of Emmy Season’ event attracts all of Hollywood

Jill Whelan of 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. (Photo Credit: Eunice Moseley)
Jill Whelan of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’. (Photo Credit: Eunice Moseley)

*After almost 30 years covering red carpeted celebrity filled events the Bergman’s “Style Lounge & Party Celebration of Emmy Season” at the renowned Fig and Oliver is the most exquisite event I have attended. All day long the who’s who in Hollywood comes to be spoiled by Doris the head of the Bergman Public Relations firm that holds the annual event. Her many sponsors go all-out to cater to the Hollywood elite with free products and gifts while also offering a delicious buffet and open bar to keep them all happy. Bergman elegantly spoils her press attendees as well.

While there I had a chance to interview a few of the expected 90 Hollywood personalities, which included Donovan Carter who stars in the HBO series “Ballers” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He plays an NFL player who has The Rock as a financial advisor.  I also talked briefly with Jill Whetan best known for her role on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

“I am on ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood,’” Jill said when asked if she had any new projects. “It is going to be out October 3rd or 6th. I am also the Celebration Ambassador of Princess Cruises, we celebrate better than anybody.”

I laughed to myself at how an excellent spokesperson she was with that cruise line plug “we celebrate better than anybody.” I was able to interview another “Bold and the Beautiful” daytime series co-star Sean Kanan, as well as an Australian singer who became a Youtube sensation with her rap battle with Snow White video, and Monique Plante who stars in the ABC series “Nashville.”

“It’s all on the down-low,” Monique laughed when I asked what’s happening next on “Nashville”. “You have to tune in to find out. (But) You can reach me on Facebook at Monique Plante.”

The Bergman’s “Style Lounge & Party Celebration of Emmy Season” event also held a gift drive to benefit the Wednesday Child at the Dave Thomas Foundation. Some of the many sponsors included Guess, NuBra, Arbonne, Savannah, Personal Touch Lingerie and Pure Water.

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Dr. Eunice Moseley
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