Wednesday, December 8, 2021

RECAP: Empire (S2, Ep3) Fires of Heaven

empire fires of heaven
Bryshere Gray and Taraji P. Henson in Empire “Fires of Heaven” Season 2 Episode 3

*It looks as though Empire has finally settled into a groove that makes it a little more watchable this week. In episode three, there are far fewer over-the-top scenarios and much more bickering within the Lyon clan, which is just the way we like it.

Newly-sprung Lucious proves once again that he’s so cool he can freeze boiling water in less time than it takes Cookie to roll her eyes. He blocks nearly all of his ex-wife’s attempts to build her own empire—Lyon Dynasty—by stealing her talent and playing her like one of those plastic buckets wannabe rappers use for drums.

Oops upside your head.

We also get an opportunity to see Lucious interact with each of his sons on a deeper level and see how those relationships inform his past and present. Poor, sensitive Jamal still wants to be the apple of his pop’s eye, but he’s not feeling the love when it comes to promoting his career. Andre, who was kicked to the curb after being a part of not one, but two hostile takeover attempts against his dad, is still trying to worm his way back in but to no avail. His unborn son didn’t even melt the cockles around Lucious’ heart.

And Hakeem is still trying to make it on his own with his mom co-signing his every move, but you just know he’ll go crawling back to Empire—especially since his father has signed Valentina, the lead singer of Hakeem’s little girl group.

Becky G and Bryshere Gray in Empire "Fires of Heaven"
Becky G and Bryshere Gray in Empire “Fires of Heaven”

Oh yeah, Valentina was also Hakeem’s new boo.

So, if Lucious – now that’s he terminally healthy and devious – has an Achilles Heel, it probably won’t appear until after the new year. Maybe it comes in the form of Mariah Carey, who will be guesting on the show or Vivica A. Fox. Or, maybe he has an evil twin or a mother—played in flashbacks by Kelly Rowland—locked away in an insane asylum. There have also been hints that he may have the same bipolar condition as his oldest son, Andre.

Kelly Rowland in Empire "Fires of Heaven"
Kelly Rowland as the mother of young Lucious  in Empire “Fires of Heaven”

Regardless, Cookie ain’t about to crumble. Last night she interrupted Lucious masturbatory celebration of himself by having Hakeem bum-rush the stage with some new rhymes dissing Empire. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with Anika, now that she has double-crossed Lucious.

Grace Gealey in Empire "Fires of Heaven"
Grace Gealey as Anika in Empire “Fires of Heaven”

I’m also intrigued by Lucious’ plans for Frank Gather’s daughter—a.k.a. “the hood rat rapper.”

Bre-Z Empire Fires of Heaven
Rapper Bre-Z as Freda Gatz  on Empire “Fires of Heaven”

He’s been trying to sign her for two episodes but so far she’s proven to be a little slippery. I just know she’s gonna end up in bed with one of those Lyon boys.


“I doubt if Jesus Christ himself could save you without burning his hands.” –Cookie to Lucious at the family dinner.

“Let me know where I can make a donation Ms. Ford.” –Lucious to the D.A. after he gets out of jail.

“I’m not talking to you Guadalupe. You need to go find your drawals.”—Cookie to Valentina after she busts in on her and Hakeem.

“I want you guys to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we war.”—Lucious to his family at the fam dinner party.

“Y’all keep acting like you don’t know me.”—Lucious to Cookie and Hakeem after he announces that he’s signed Valentina.



  1. Not impressed. Trying too hard with all these name-brand humans and it’s just becoming boring. Cookie is the only saving grace. Let’s see how long it takes for them to make her predictible and boring too.


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