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Joshua Ledet: Soul Singer That Wow’d on ‘American Idol’ Releases New Single ‘Love Can Do’ (Watch)

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*Joshua Ledet, the 3rd Place Finalist who had the “American Idol” judges practically losing weight from all the up and down standing ovations they laid on him in Season 11, took advantage of the success soon after when he performed at the White House in front of President Barack Obama for the “Memphis Soul” event.

Now, with the release of his first single, “Love Can Do” — an ode to Love and the value in its many manifestations, Ledet speaks with the Electronic Urban Report/EURweb’s DeBorah B. Pryor, about how proud he is of the singles’ video (scroll down to watch), what inspired the song and how he hopes listeners will receive it.

His response to one question is especially telling…and shows how American Idol can sometimes stretch the truth in promoting some aspects of the show.

Joshua Ledet sings his heart out on Season 11 of American Idol
Joshua Ledet sings his heart out on Season 11 of American Idol

DBP: Joshua, how has your life changed since being on American Idol.
JL: My life hasn’t changed much. I feel as if I’m in the exact place I was before the show. Yet I’m still here trying to make that change. I’ve seen a little more and I’ve traveled to a few places I would have never thought I’d go. But surprisingly my life has yet stayed the same.
DBP: What kind of “noise” do you hope your new single, ‘Love Can Do’ will make and how do you want people to feel when they hear it
JL: I want people to hear the message and not just the music. Some people tend to fall in love with the music and melody of a song and sometimes overlook the actual message in the song. I’m wanting the entire world to understand what I’m saying and I’m wanting them to not only hear but let the message manifest in their daily lifestyle.
Joshua Ledet Joshua Tree REVISED
DBP: Where was the video shot (The scenery pictured directly above is beautiful)
JL: The video was shot at the Joshua Tree Park here in California. The scenery is outstanding and beautiful. The director and I wanted to show complete isolation in a beautiful area. I believe this showed everyone how small we actually are in this world. The earth is so big and each person is like a grain of sand on a beach. Its sort of humbling and it could keep you grounded if you understood.

DBP: As artist, how did you feel after watching the final product (video) 

JL: I was definitely blown away. To see what we’ve accomplished in the matter of a few hours was unbelievable. We had a plan and it worked out exactly how we wanted.
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DBP: What inspired “Love Can Do”
JL: I was inspired to take on this song simply because of the message. I partnered with amazing (Grammy nominated) producer Bernie Herms and it all came together. I felt this is what the world needed to hear at this moment. I feel a lot of people have lost their way. Many have forgotten that love is the root of everything. Love comes in many different forms whether it’s feels good or bad. Some tend to hate love because it can have such strong effects on them and sometimes they let the bad feelings overtake the good. I’m here to remind them that love is always good even when it feels so bad.
DBP: Now, with more experience under your belt, has the anxiety revealed on ‘Idol’ eased? Have you become more comfortable?
JL: I feel awesome. My anxiety was never a big issue for me. I think TV definitely milked the situation and made it something it was not. I’ve never had anxiety to where it affected my daily lifestyle or my career. I believe we all struggle with anxiety in certain situations and that’s what happened to me. It’s not an issue for me.
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Joshua Ledet sounds like a true winner. Someone who can humbly handle the great career in store for him. While he may not have won the American Idol crown in 2013, (the winner was 21-year-old Phillip Phillips, a guitar player from Georgia and the 5th white guy in a row to win on the show,) the emotional singer did release an original, self-penned song, “Here to Die” on YouTube.

And Rolling Stone praised the work proclaiming, “This song needs to get a commercial release. And when it does, I’ll give whatever label that puts it out a standing ovation.”

On March 2015, Ledet performed “Love Can Do” Live! for the first time on local TV in Indonesia and performed in concert for over 10,000 people. He is currently working with legendary songwriter, Diane Warren, and also performed at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida over the 2015 Labor Day weekend.

Here’s to you, Joshua Ledet. The world awaits your brand of Love!

CD, joshualedet-lovecandoWatch the team at American Idol fall over themselves as they gush over Joshua Ledet BELOW!

Then SCROLL DOWN to see the video for the new song, “Love Can Do.”

Check out the ‘Love Can Do’ video by Joshua Ledet BELOW.



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