Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jerrod Carmichael: New Onyx Phone Makes Filming Police Brutality Easy (WATCH)

jerrod carmichael (onyx)

*Comedian Jerrod Carmichael and Funny Or Die came together on this sarcastic “faux-mercial” regarding an app that will help you center all of your police brutality tracking, sharing, debating, and recording in one convenient program.

There were many familiar references made throughout the sketch that I’m sure you’ve heard of at some point within the last couple of years lingering around police brutality.

Onyx by B-Mobile offers tons of special features like badge number recognition, extra data for posting videos on social media, and a feature for you to be able to call the police on the police while you’re filming the police,” says Carmichael in the FOD video.

Carmichael, if you don’t already know,  is a young up-and-coming stand-up comedian from North Carolina, who has had recent success launching “The Carmichael Show” on NBC. The series received outstanding reviews and was able to pick back up a second season in September. Ironically, real cell phone apps like “Stop and Frisk” and “Mobile Justice MI” have the same features going on as the “Onyx.”

If this were a real product it would benefit many people, especially due to the international issues police brutality has created. It would create a sense of safety to those heavily involved in protests and just trying to make it in their everyday lives. Police brutality is a topic that will forever be sensitive to many people. We hope this opens the eyes of a certain segment who do not believe police brutality is a big enough issue in America. However, we can’t control every decision made because not even video surveillance ensures justice.

Would you invest in the “Onyx?”   (WATCH)




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